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Master of Lock-Picking

Finished off Paper Mario on my 3DS yesterday evening – didn’t quite get 100% though was very close.  I’ve enjoyed my two weeks with the game, it would have taken me longer to finish off at standard playtime but given my stretch on the Eurostar plus a couple of lazy afternoons, it was much quicker to finish.  The final battle was a right doozy but easier to beat than the Shadow Queen in the GC version.  Use the right stickers at the right time and you sail through it. 

So at lunchtime today, I walked through the park, headed up Waterloo Place and Haymarket only to end up at the HMV sited in the Trocadero.  Had a quick browse through the shelves, tried hard to ignore the siren call of a new console and ended up walking out with Resident Evil Revelations (as I’d plugged Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D into my 3DS this morning).  I dare say I’ll cobble together a review at some point. 

New Years Eve – spent that watching Roseanne Season 8 on DVD.  Though the heating got fixed, I felt somewhat out of it that evening – headache, lethargy, fatigue.  Had a paranoid thought it might have been Carbon Monoxide poisoning from a bad repair job from the boiler though it’s more likely the lack of sleep over the past week in part thanks to shivering at night.  I did managed to get out to Westfield very briefly on Monday afternoon as I wanted to make me some chilli and ended up in Waitrose where the customers were behaving like a pack of rapid, feral dogs snatching booze off the shelf like nobody’s business. 

Spent yesterday playing AoE online, levelling up the Greeks and the Egyptians and using my Empire vault to trade goods between all three powers (including the Celts).  Actually had a full house for the first time in over ten days as Tim had returned from Australia with a suitcase full of peanut butter (ick).  Jammy git – the temperature was around 32 degrees…stark contrast to the temperature in my lounge. 

Next week will be my first week in the office that lasts five days which hasn’t happened in over a month.  Dunno if I’ll have the fortitude to last although returning to normal regarding my walking will be nice.  Haven’t had the courage to brave the scales but I don’t think they’ll be in my favour at the moment.  I’m not going to make a vow about joining a gym – not least as every other sucker will be doing so for the next four to six weeks but I am still leaning in that direction.  Dunno which one to try – either the cheapo one in Vauxhall or the large Fitness First in Leyton which is where Stephen goes.  But he takes it way more to heart than I would.  Still, in terms of mathematics it would work out better; burn off more calories in less time or even more calories in the same time.  Would I want to bulk up again?  I remember what happened the last time and so too do my calf muscles… 

Forward Look: 2013

In the first half of the year, there are possible trips to Brussels again and Hamburg, birthday, I have to use my Clapham Spa vouchers at some point, there’s Ceajay’s 30th, two weddings in June and the usual Tuesday Quiz, Risk Legacy sessions.  Oh, and I need to get board game afternoons into the calendar.  Speaking of which – BBC News reports a 14% increase on the sales of board games…I’m so ahead of the curve it’s unreal.

I don’t think there’s much else in the pipeline.  Whilst I would like to go to Dublin, I’ve more of an itch to go back to Berlin so I might go there in the summer or late spring.  Aqeel talked about some of us taking off to go abroad for a weekend – possible.

Otherwise…yup, off to dinner this evening at Masala Zone.  Nice place, decent food.  Gets a bit busy but hey-ho.


The Headbanging Parrot

As a Brit, I know it’s something of a cultural stereotype to keep on yakking about the weather but it’s just so damned variable that you can’t help but take an interest in what’s happening outside.  The other day many of us were bemoaning the end of summer – the outside temperature plummeted to 5 degrees one night and we shivered in our beds in August.  Yesterday the temperature peaked at 24 during the afternoon and it was definitely coat-free weather…hell, it was shirt free weather for many.  What a difference 72 hours can make.

Before I resort to other sources, here’s another online plea for help.  Back when I was living in Germany, SSVC used to run a television show to help British people learn German.  It was a fifteen minute programme (with a catch-up at the weekend) shown weeknights around 5.45pm.  It was presented by a German woman with the aid of her green parrot and the end credits frequently saw this parrot bobbing its head in time to the theme tune.  WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THIS PROGRAMME? I’ve tried every derivative of Google searches but haven’t come up with anything close. 

So, I have drawn a complete blank in my recent searches for a new rucksack – I spent a good chunk of Friday and Saturday hunting around all the Department stores and luggage stores but there was nothing suitable to be found.  Plan B is to get a Scottyvest from eBay or Amazon or some other retailer.  Most bags are too small or just don’t look sturdy enough to put up with the expected amount of junk I’ll lob into them (and I do weigh myself down like a packhorse or the Buckaroo donkey). 

By way of recompense for my failure, I wandered into HMV at the Trocadero yesterday evening and walked out with five blu-rays and four new games.  I say four new games, only one was new (Shinobi on the 3DS), the rest were three DS games I used to own and have bought back as part of my rebuilding of my former stockpile; Bust-a-Move DS, Star Trek Tactical Assault and…um…another one whose name I’ve temporarily forgotten but it was only £5.  That’s about 10 of 60 I’ve been able to reacquire but the others will take more than a little time.  Note to self – start writing these down on the iPad so I know what I DO have and what I DON’T have. 

Speaking of games, I unearthed my N64 at the weekend and played a bit of Banjo Kazooie, Goldeneye 64 and South Park just to catch up on the general nostalgia trip I’m currently on.  Had a temper tantrum when I kept dying in Rusty Bucket Bay on Banjo and thought of playing Banjo Tooie as that was the better game.  Grrr.  It remains really weird to see these old polygon sprites on a big screen TV, as the cruder graphics are really shown up n all their blockiness.  Playing with the uniquely designed N64 pad is a weird experience for some games and for others, the only natural fit. 

After Friday’s recipe, I decided to make myself a Vegetarian Chilli that evening – was very not bad even if I do say so myself.  There was a substitution in that recipe for something I had a large surplus of in the fridge but it turned out great; really hot.  And threw together a pasta bake yesterday with some Mediterranean Vegetables, Brussels Sprouts and Fusilli Pasta which also turned out pretty well and is very likely to form the backbone of this week’s lunches.   

It’s really, really tempting to pass comment on the Government reshuffle today but as I don’t fancy being censured for any implication or innuendo, I’ll refrain.  Sufficed to say all the work some of us here have been putting into any number of projects is going to have to be put on hold as new Ministers get to grips with their briefs.  We know who the new Transport Supremo is (Patrick Mcloughlin) but there are two more vacancies (at time of writing) to fill. 

I suppose I should also (publicly) acknowledge my mother and sister’s birthday today; there’s that odd statistic where if you take a room full of thirty strangers, at least two of them will share the same birthday so naturally when they are in the same room…statistic proven.  So Happy Birthday y’old farts.

Quieter Week in Review

Quiz disaster on Tuesday – we were leading the way at the half way stage following a dazzling display of brilliance and sheer gumption and nothing to do with some lucky guesswork. However, when the second half of the quiz started and the bulk of the questions were music based, we collapsed faster than an Italian Coalition Government. Despite coming third overall and winning a bonus round thanks to some stupidity by the other teams, we still ended up disappointed, not least because the rollover went to another team who wasn’t us.

Rattus Cockus.

Was out with Brendan on Wednesday – nothing earth shattering to report but we didn’t achieve my goal of doing “something” which was mostly in response to the past week’s events and the need to participate in an activity rather than drinkin’ and eatin’. But we did discover that the Trocadero has severely gone down in amusement levels with very little left that was still open and it being a complete tourist trap.

And Thursday was a day of rain so I forewent my walk after work in favour of going straight home; it’s novel to get in before 7 – albeit a minute before 7.