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Nope, not the flat number, nor my lucky number.  But the number of successful orbits of the sun whilst maintaining my status as a passenger on planet Earf.

Like most people, I’ve taken the opportunity to bunk off work (read: taken  a couple of days off) to mark the event.  And  it’s been a quiet old day so far, noise from the street excepted.  The last two days were spent in Dublin with work.  I had a quiet, pleasant stay although the rain felt quite incessant at times.  There was allegedly some snow on Tuesday morning but it had melted by the time I emerged from my hotel room.

So what’s been new, hip and happening?  Answer: not much.  More of the same, really.  Am I in a rut?  Perhaps, though I’m not rushing out to embrace the new.  Is there anything that’s truly new?  Apart from picking up a new mobile last weekend, no.  Letting February slide by as quickly as possible, I guess.

Continuing to enjoy Star Trek Timelines and the recent events have given my inventory a chance to rest and rebuild following a succession of missions which have drained them dry of all the really useful stuff.   And finally have a couple of friends playing it although they are not quite as into it as I.  Still, good times.

On the Xbone,  I downloaded the free copy of The Force Unleashed and replayed that, forgetting how much fun it was to throw Felucians into Rancors.  And to fry that bitch  Shaak Ti.  GTA continues to be my most played game although I’ve been trying to get into Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts again.  It’s just hard to like it.

Board games: lots of 7 Wonders, finally got around to breaking in “Under the Pyramids” expansion for Eldritch Horror and whilst in Dublin, I treated myself to “The Dreamlands” as it was cheaper there thanks to the collapse in GBP. I was particularly proud of this game with Joey and Scott:


Finally folks, I was doing a YouTube crawl and stumbled across this parody music video.  I almost wet myself cackling as I think I’ve experienced every one of these deaths:

So that’s your lot, just a quick update before my second coffee of the day and hopefully, a decision about what to do with the rest of my time today.  And if anyone else is celebrating a birthday today (Ron Howard, Harry Belafonte,  Dirk Benedict, George Eads, Doris Hare and of course, Frederich Chopin), PISCEANS ROOL!



Dr Dom was out in York attending a wedding on Friday so I had the flat all to myself this weekend. What this meant was uncensored, audible screaming matches at the Xbox as I was trying to finish off The Force Unleashed on Sith Lord difficulty and having…difficulties in doing so. Maris Brood and her Bull Rancor monster. Just…no. Hateful game. Though once they were eviscerated, the rest of the game went fairly simply. Chief reason I was playing it was for practice as the downloadable levels were on sale the other week and I purchased the last level I haven’t yet bought (Jedi Temple). Can’t see myself trying Sith Master difficulty somehow though Apprentice is now appallingly easy.

So I played that and I also finished off Resident Evil 4 scooping up 10/12 achievements. Of course I now have all the other bonus features to plough through starting I think with Assignment Ada. The HD version looks kinda nice. Nothing new to the game though I have some serious issues over the quality of the brightness as it was very hard to make out the subtleties of the gameplay environment without squinting and turning the in-game brightness to max. We were spoiled with the Wii version – the point n aim with the Wiimote made things so easy. Getting the bottlecaps never caused so much cursing, particularly on Game D.

I’m back on Resident Evil 5 now I’ve broken in 4 and replaying from the beginning rather than resuming from wherever it was I left off before. My memories were of a jungle mission but thinking back, I suspect I’m confusing the Darkside Chronicles with 5. After that, I have RE6 to plough through and a few other games in the pouch. And I would like Age of Mythology through Steam but just missed out on the sale by the time I made my mind up so will wait for the next price drop before reliving the saga of Arkantos. Just please say that the achievements aren’t (practically) all multiplayer again like AoE 2…

Sunday was the day of our Vinopolis lunch – Griffin prize. Eeyore couldn’t make it so we managed to rope in Jack as a last minute fifth person. They all had Sunday Roasts (mostly beef, one pork) whilst I had what they called a tart (but was more like a cheesy veggie burger) which despite its dubious profile, wasn’t that bad as it happens. The wine I picked complimented it nicely but I’ve not had a bad Austrian wine yet. And then we had seven tokens to spend as we saw fit. The wine tasting area was completely different to how it was the last time we were there with more of an emphasis on the corporate hospitality package and fewer experts explaining the vintages and types.

I found that Spanish wine I liked the last time I was there (but of course it wasn’t available in the shop to purchase afterwards) though both Alex and I picked up a bottle of the chocolate wine we approved of. I also tried a couple of other wines in the area – nothing particularly memorable. It’s a shame that a lot of the human element has been removed by the powers that be because you could engage more with the sommaliers. And perhaps extract an extra taste or two out of them. Ceajay seemed particularly narked that the Rum Bar had been removed. It would have been nice to see the Bombay Sapphire cocktail list again (though without disinterested miserable sod tending bar). HintHunt next in three weeks…

Coming up this week: a full five day week at work which is the last one for three weeks – possibly more if I can stretch it out a little. Am looking forward to Thorpe Park and I’ll be religiously scrutinising the weather forecasts from tomorrow for the coming week. Will have the flat to myself again for most of the week which probably won’t be taken advantage of in the fullest sense of the word but it’s always good to have time apart. Absence and all that jazz. Other than that, very little else to tell. I did decide to try and read the Swarm War trilogy again but it’s such hard going, particularly with all the stupid Killik names. This is what puts me off of fantasy fiction – the ridiculous names which are immediately forgettable and you don’t get a reckoning on which daft character is doing what. At least Timothy Zahn gave his characters names which were often meaningful or pun-tastic.

Return of Risk Legacy

For the first time this year, and probably for the first time since November I picked up my Wiimote and Nunchuck for a quick gaming session. Didn’t play anything too involving though I briefly considered starting again with Twilight Princess. No, the games of the day were the Kashyyyk level of The Force Unleashed, then a quick game of Star Trek Conquest as the Federation. And in the evening whilst logged onto Steam, I’d noticed that Joey had recently been playing Red Alert 3 which prompted me to dig out my copy for a quick few levels as the Russians before Campaign level three of Risk: Factions.

This weekend has been a struggle – felt like I was on the edge of a meltdown what with a fairly well blended start to the year. Lots happening but little time to process and it’s been catching up. Happy one second, despairing the next. Reading and gaming have proven once again the most effecting emotional regulators. I finally finished reading “Catalyst of Sorrows” – a Star Trek Lost Era novel. I’d read it before when released…about a decade ago but it must have been speed read because I barely remembered the details. Still, for those who like back-stories, it’s got a good grounding in the Sundering between the Romulan people and the Vulcans and why the two societies developed in such a differing way.

Oh – Party Packs (have to plug them on my blog for this) sent me a brand new Pickelhaube rather than just sending me the spike (and the chinstrap which I hadn’t realised was also missing). The two were in a placcy bag together which wasn’t in the main box. So many thanks people! Of course I picked it up from the sorting office and left it in Costa on Saturday post-lunch with Paul. Mercifully, it was still tucked under the table thirty minutes later; good thing it wasn’t something more…nefarious.

Yes, had lunch with the insouciant Mr Brown on Saturday at Strada in Westfield. He worried about the calories (2100 by his reckoning). I think that’s an exaggeration for Lemon Chicken with garlic bread but I had the pumpkin risotto which I choose to believe was healthier. The number of people choosing to have a late lunch on Saturday was interesting; I guess lots of people were out the night before and slept in.

Managed to get in a fair amount of walking this weekend what with meeting Paul on Saturday and running around on Sunday just…doing stuff. I had itchy feet and felt the urge to go much further afield than originally intended. Weather has certainly picked up – not quite in double figures but only slightly below. It’s been a while since last in Fortnum & Mason and they’ve changed it a fair amount, moving things around between the ground and the lower ground floors. It makes it so confusing to move furniture around in stores though on a purely Machiavellian level, it forces the unwary customer to look at everything and cram more into the shopping baskets.

Ultimately, I ended up spending £85 (which was £10 more than my plan) on preserves, teas, chocolates, cheeses, biscuits and other non-essential stuff. The hardest part is not to sneak a few extra things for myself into the basket and when you’re in a gourmet store where there are so many items you just cannot find elsewhere, temptation certainly has your number. To be fair, for the same price I’d have gotten pretty much the same sort of stuff at the Savannah Store in Victoria. This just has nicer packaging.

Monday was a Risk Legacy night rather than a Spartacus night as Rob was at last available. We were able to dig out the Mutant faction for the first time which didn’t prove to be much of a game-changer. And Joey was able to place down the World Capital Sticker over Great Britain as “New Vauxhall”. This leaves only two envelopes left to open (+30 troops & a missile) and the “Do Not Open Ever” sticker. Kudos to Joey for remembering all the rules; I suspect he has his own set and has been playing secretly…