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Ah, 36.  Do I feel it?  Well I have done this week, not been a well woman, or something.


So t’other Monday/Tuesday (23/24 Feb) I was bunged up.  Not really feeling ill but having problems with catarrh and breathing out of both nostrils.  As always in these situations, we blame Doyley and his mystery virus.  But that seemed to go away quickly and by Friday I was better.  Unfortunately, Friday was also the day of the invasive dentistry – eight injections it took to numb me, chiefly as the first four weren’t strong enough.  And that was only one side of my mouth!  I should point out that this came after a highly frustrating day at work where we were trying to move mountains to get a paper out and had to throw in the towel at 3.50pm to run down the road for my legal torture.  So leaving the dentist with a frozen face, I felt more than a little dejected.


Anaesthetic wore off four hours later and then went to the Griffin’s new “pie and mash” (don’t ask me what it’s called, I’ve already forgotten).  Was good but the post-torture instructions were explicit in saying “NO BOOZE” so was on the soft stuff for the evening.  Given how rammed the pub was, some form of oblivion was tempting but just ibuprofen for me.  I don’t think I paid much attention to the event itself (though I vaguely recall a mixture of music I’ve never heard plus cheesy pop) though it was good to see people again.  I heard later that some of the brickies from the Nine Elms site were causing trouble by being passive aggressive.


Saturday – not much happening until about 9pm when breathing became problematic and nose was runny.  Bloody thing kept me up most of the night – that and the bloody Spaniards across the road who never seem to respect the fact that people may be trying to sleep.  An inauspicious start to the day.  Dragged my carcass over to Draughts for opening time at 10am though I have to say, we got exceptionally lucky with public transport as everything just lined up great.  We started with a warm up of King of Tokyo, played some Avalon and Resistance, Betrayal, Walk the Plank and a few other games.  Felt progressively worse throughout the day and by the time we left and got home (8pm), I collapsed onto the couch and couldn’t move.  


Monday was just as bad, Tuesday was little better.  Ensured that meals were laden with as many spicy elements as possible to try and sweat/nuke out the germs.  Soup was turned volcanic with chilli flakes, black pepper and mustard turned up the heat on potato whilst horseradish hit the veg.  Probably didn’t do teeth/gums much good post surgery but damnit – needs must.  Also started consuming vast quantities of camomile tea with honey, chasing the advice from NHS Direct.  Blessedly by Wednesday, things were definitely on the return to normal and Friday things were ok again.  

Risk Legacy with Science on Thursday. Ate all the pizza, drank all the cider – nuff said. 


Board games on Friday – I won about 10/12 sessions which was pretty awesome though there were only the three of us.  Had coffee Saturday afternoon, came home, went back to the Griffin for yet more liquor, this time for Mr Beer’s birthday.  Couple of people kept trying to psych me out mentioning the whole impending 40 thing (despite being four years away).  I don’t care about turning 40, the only thing that causes me any consternation is the expectation of having an “all family and friends” event.  Personally, I would rather go on holiday and not tell anyone.


I’ve finished all the easy puzzles and the tutorial puzzles on Picross 3D – bring on the challenges!



Jaina Solo – Eviscerated

It seems we may have dodged the bureaucrats bullet last week when Infraction Chefs in a stunning reversal agreed to take something off the menu. That means nothing to most of you but believe me that when we first heard of this on the menu, I had visions of the warehouse in Indiana Jones but filled with stacks of papers and files rather than boxes full of the mystical. Alas, it’s likely to be a deferral rather than an outright cancellation so the vision is still there but there are at least eight more lottery draws between now and next month so better get paying the moron tax.

Last week didn’t turn out quite as busy as was stated; couple o’ cancellations in the diary, most notably Risk Legacy on Thursday (gave me a chance to catch up on chores and swimming). We finally went to Harar restaurant in Vauxhall (the Ethiopian place). When I say we, I mean Daniel and Xian. How Daniel ate an entire bag of Ampelmänn sweets and still put away dinner is quite beyond me. Anyway, it was his first time eating Ethiopian and his Tripadvisor review says he enjoyed it. I liked it but it wasn’t as good as Kokob though the beer was pretty good. Service, a little slow but didn’t take anything away from the evening so I can live with it.

Quiz – came third (we confused Maggie Smith for Barbara Windsor – don’t ask). We won a bonus round, Tess Daly’s god-awful foray into fiction. I wrote better crap when I was eight, or at least from the bits that I could bring myself to browse before thinking of inventive ways to lose the book. Thing is, it’s a book – I can’t bring myself to render it so it might end up at the Charity Shop or accidentally left in the dentist’s waiting room on Friday when I go for the first of my two torture sessions. I am fairly certain she’d have written it herself, no ghost writer could be so appalling. Unless it was some D-Grade GCSE student being paid minimum wage.

Still with Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. Computer – a right cheating bar-steward. Take this instance – I clean a planet of Rebels, a planet cut off from supply lines and completely isolated. Decided to move back my fleet more or less straight away and magically, the planet is now protected by a small fleet. Where the hell did this come from? Such a frustrating game experience, that and the units that refuse to obey orders. Haven’t played much else, definitely been a board gaming month. I still cannot get past the tutorial on Total War Rome 2 – every time I try and take the city I’m told to, my forces always lose as somehow, the general ends up throwing himself on a spear in every battle and this is the DAMN TUTORIAL. Doesn’t bode well, really. Probably for the best, I’d only lose more of my life to the Creative Assembly’s offerings.

Watched a few films at the weekend – both Robert Downey Jr Sherlock Holmes offerings, El1zabeth and tried to watch Godfather Part 3 but got bored after 45 minutes and switched it off. Still haven’t been able to watch it in its entirety, it’s such a shameful, formulaic rehash of the first two films: open with a celebration, set the scene, discuss the current enterprise, suffer some form of treasonous set-back and then get revenge whilst experiencing personal tragedy. The end. Another unsatisfactory conclusion, not entirely unlike the Legacy of the Force series (which I’ve just finished re-reading through iBooks) and am still narked that Jaina Solo doesn’t sleep with the fishes. On Naboo. Honestly, she spends fifteen (chronological) years in the books being a complete bitch and then isn’t filleted for her trouble. And rumour has it, she’s going to be in the movie…

A wii fest

So after getting cheery from Risk Legacy on Monday, I dug out the Wii in a fit of gaming pique as I just had to do a Death Star Trench Run on Rogue Squadron 2. Had to – there was no two ways about it. Then forward to a raid on Bespin, refighting the Battle of Hoth and a quick skirmish over the forest moon of Endor. Ah – memories. Then last night – Rogue Squadron 3 (just too short a game imho), Star Trek Conquests and Star Wars Bounty Hunter. A small nostalgia fest for me, really. But man, I miss customising controls, particularly manipulation of camera axes. Whilst the Gamecube let you do the Y axis no probs, few games gave you x-axis manipulation.

Was noch? I finally got around to buying Nina Bunjevac’s Fatherland last night – an autobiography in the format of a graphic novel which I’ve had my eye on for some time. Tito’s Yugoslavia has been a minor interest of mine for some years and when I first saw the book in Waterstone’s on Piccadilly, my interest was piqued. But as per usual, my fiscal caution kicked in and has been doing so for a while. Saw it in FP so picked it up and took it to the cash desk before I changed my mind. Not gotten around to reading it yet, that’s a pleasure I’m saving for the weekend. I did however, browse the Star Wars comic books now under Marvel’s awful care. Saw what direction they’re clearly going to be going in so put them down in disgust but reassured by the fact that I made the right decision in not wanting to resume my purchasing.

There are eight days left of my current tenancy and we STILL have yet to receive the paperwork sorting out the new lease, despite paying the renewal fee back in what…November? Working in the public sector is a real annoyance at times – if I were to deliver at that level of pace, I’d be crucified and buried up to my neck in effluent whilst forced to listen to R n B “music” (it’s not a legit genre IMHO and I don’t care if you disagree). But be in the private sector and you can do whatever the ferque you like.

This weekend, there’s not much going on I’m pleased to report. Potential for board games on Saturday but for the most part it’s clear. Probably the last clear weekend until…late March? Now I know how Joey feels. Though I still need to put the damn pictures up in the house even though it’s been a year. As I bought the Polyfilla the other week to effect repairs in the bathroom to where the loo-roll holder fell off the wall, it’s now achievable. Bare walls aren’t so bad but then again, white space is a concept I get on with. Here’s to the continuing dry and not too-cold weather.


Once again, I’m going to start in the middle of a conversation, as is my want because scene setting can be a real drag in prosaic terms. Am pleased to record that I think the threat of a stress-triggered illness has abated. The last three working days (Friday, Monday and Tuesday) have been somewhat hellish (older readers, think October 2013 and August 2014) in terms of blog entries) and there were screaming hints that I was facing shut-down. Nine hours sleep last night with a slight tincture and things are much better today, grouchiness aside.

I’ve yet to check out the DRM-free Star Wars games from http://www.gog.com – most of the hits released between 1995 and 2008…give or take are available to own (thanks Diz-nee) gratis. I think I’d like to download Supremacy/Rebellion again, just for laughs. And maybe Galactic Battlegrounds though I think I’ll have a stroke if I try and play as the wretched Gungans again. Finished a couple of campaigns on Empire At War: Forces of Corruption at the weekend. One as the Empire (bloody IG88 got my Death Star) and one as the Rebels. Every time I used the Ion Cannon in space combat, all I could hear was the Family Guy quote: “Prepare to fire the Giant Nipple Boob Gun”.

At the quiz, there was much cheering in our team that Marvel and Sony are teaming up with the next Spiderman film although there was pleading not to let Uncle Ben die yet again – kinda like that Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode where Groundskeeper Willie kept on being killed. Or Emperor Joker, for that matter. Personally, I don’t give a vrelt’s ass, never saw the appeal of Spiderman – and most people are aware of my general Marvel Comic rants. But it’ll keep the fanboys happy. For five minutes.

Group 3 Risk Legacy – Dr Do(o)m, Andy, Paul, Brendan and myself met up for a game on Monday with Paul ultimately winning from his well-protected base in Australia. But all three remaining minor cities were placed on the board so we got to open a new pack of cards. The group seem to be enjoying it – the Doc was wiped off the map after much encouragement from myself (I wanted to put the comeback sticker on his chosen faction). I had a whole bottle of Riesling to myself. After the day I had on Monday, it was sorely needed.

Quiz last night – came third overall. Going to dispute one of the answers today, more for the “season thing” rather than affecting the overall result of the quiz. Too many science-type questions for my taste.

Etiquette Lesson

I’m going to sound like an even bigger old fart than usual but are people being taught manners these days or is basic etiquette going the way of the Dodo? Work: nobody thanks you for holding open a door any more and if you’re asked to bring something to a meeting – there’s no please. Pub: Crowded – nobody says excuse me or apologises for banging into you. Coughing fit? Better remove that hand from the front of the face. Sneeze? Why, let’s spread a fine mist over everyone. Long line in front of you at a shop counter? Cut in front, particularly if peroxide blond with a large cleavage. I’m with Season 3 Frasier on this one “perhaps you need an etiquette lesson!” (Of course the irony on that is that the actor he does it to in that episode is also the voice actor for Canderous Ordo in KOTOR/KOTOR 2).

Payday today – the good news is that I’ve successfully sold five days leave. The bad news is that I’ve an appointment with the periodontist that day which will cost in excess of £150. Bye-bye money. For the unenlightened, a periodontist is a gum specialist who’s going to be probing my lower gum line with a bizarre array of cleaning tools and possibly a tonne of novocaine so it’ll look like I’ve had a stroke. Sweet eh?

As discussed with Stephen t’other day, think Februaryitis has kicked in early this year. What do I mean by that? Every year around February, possibly in connection with the birthday or possibly as things get back to normal after the winter rush and the days start to get that little bit longer again but the weather remains lousy (in this hemisphere), there’s less joy derived from everything, as if stoicism is the norm rather than the exception. It lasts between two/three weeks and isn’t pleasant to be around. Insularism – that’s also a predominant theme. Last year I had the house move to keep me thoroughly distracted. This year…I don’t have that excuse.

I won Risk Legacy (the East London group)! It ended up being a three-way tie between me, Jad and Robyn so there was a roll-off which I won despite being at a disadvantage of only having named a single continent. It was a sullen game with more than a little sniping at each other which I found hilarious. Then we played a game of Betrayal – Alex was the traitor and we all won. Except Robyn who I killed off. Heh heh heh.

As an old fart, I’m off to M&S to buy a pair of slacks in beige…

Late Pizza

(Intended for Thursday, not five days later)

Today’s good bit of news – other than some minor work stuff – is that Origins are making Theme Hospital this week’s free download. If you haven’t played it or don’t have it in your collection, stop what you’re doing, go to the Origins website, Theme Hospital Page and get the game at any cost! One of the best games of the 90s folks and you’ll be completely daft to miss out.

For the first time since…August? July? we sat down to a game of Risk Legacy (The IT Crowd group) on our crapsack world. It was a fun night, the only gloom being Dominos Pizza taking over an hour to deliver. I’d say we did a Comic-Book Guy thing and registered our disgust on the internet but we did the stoic British thing instead and shovelled down the food. Might be able to play twice next week with two different groups which should be good. I still have a load of Raclette cheese leftover from Saturday which I’m going to need to eat/fob off on our infrequent visitors. Actually, I found it worked very well instead of cream cheese in a quesadilla which is another option.

We were talking about the new Windows 10 and the holographic interface (for want of another/better/proper term). Alex was convinced that there aren’t (m)any real practical uses for it. I thought of some but they were by far more the exception than the rule in terms how it might be utilised. Thinking outside the box, I considered what’d happen if it wasn’t a human controlling it but perhaps an animal or a multi-appendaged robot/machine which would potentially have far more possible uses. The Wiimote started off as a game controller and ended up (in part) being a tool to help surgeons get more experience in operations so I’m not ready to pour scorn yet.

Am feeling completely restless today, as if I need something…big to be happing and then be a part of it. Concentration is down, fidgeting is up, clock-watching is increasing and mobile phone use is distracting. If this were the weekend…I dunno, it’d probably be wasted somehow. Maybe a more rigorous walk at lunchtime is in order. Nervous anticipation maybe…is something just around the corner (i.e. today/tomorrow?)

Cider and Risk

Am Sonntag, habe ich zum Vauxhall Griffin gefahrt. Wir haben Risk Legacy gespielt.

Don’t ask why I felt the urge to type those last two sentences auf Deutsch, I just did. But yeah, Sunday was a Risk Legacy I allowed myself into being bullied into setting up, chiefly at the behest of the others. I had a slight reluctance to go, only as I hadn’t slept much the night before (insomnia is back alas) but it’s always good to catch up. The pub was full as normal for a Sunday but after 5 and the lunch rush was over (and most people had stumbled out to RVT or the Eagle), it thinned out nicely. We managed two games: Rupert won the first by knocking out Alex and hitting Clare who stabbed me in the back after betraying a non-aggression pact and I won the second and it was during the course of the second game that I first opened the “place 30+ reinforcements on the board and have a missile pact” and then after a really bitter argument over the three-missile rule and who gets to place it, opened the “when three missiles are used in the same combat roll”. Let’s just say in my world, don’t holiday in Peru.

Even though I only had four ciders (three apple, one pear), I felt utterly out of it and most of the rest of the evening was a blur spent watching the Simpsons and playing some Xbox. First time drunk in 2014.

It’s shaping up to be quite the busy week this week. Although nothing happened yesterday except for a quick bit of Age of Empires Online (stupid but now I know it’s closing, I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame), several rounds of Zoo Keeper Battle and a great deal of criticism for the Great British Bake Off – Sport Relief (Mr W was watching it in the background as I was playing and I was disgusted by the celebrities wearing all their jewellery and nail polish whilst making cakes). Tonight is the quiz, tomorrow is 20 hours in Brussels (or something like that), tomorrow might be a board game night, Friday might be free and Saturday might be further Risk Legacy. Oh, and Thursday is also going to involve a meeting where participants might get all shouty at each other. Hell, Brussels will involve a meeting where participants will probably get all shouty at each other.

More badmouthing the office – this hotdesking rubbish is really getting insane. Another large section of the Department is being “decanted” and these first few weeks after Xmas sees everyone in the office. Only the foolhardy or brave take leave mid to end January so the pressure on desks is tremendous and there’s a fear that you’ll end up sat next to a freak, a moron or someone utterly detestable. Of course, anyone sat next to me gets all three in one. I happened to get in early or rather earlier today and the office was practically full from 9.15am. So when I move, it’s TOTALLY going to be in walking distance to avoid being displaced. Speaking of which, I had a look at potential buddy-ups. Again, some people have some quite unreasonable and unrealistic expectations.

Out of the Classical Age

In the midst of current anguishes, I logged into Age of Empires online only to meet with the news that the game is closing down in July – and this has been the case since September. The less you know – right? Anyway, it seems such a shame that they’re closing things down, really does but I guess it’s just not profitable to keep the servers running and the genre has run for quite a while. Personally, I’d like to see the same but in the world of Age of Empires 3 though I suspect that won’t happen. Ah well. There may be a chance the single player stuff could be made into a solo game for download which would be pretty cool though I won’t hold my breath.

Speaking of online gaming, have been putting a wee bit of time into Zoo-Keeper Battle lately, so much so that I’ve re-broken into the top 100,000 players because everyone else is addicted to similar games and the general skill sets have improved. For the last couple of months, I’ve been drifting around the 150,000 player mark depending on time of day, level of fatigue and a little luck. The main game hasn’t changed but I’m still enjoying the “build a zoo” function and the battles with the bear-rabbit, Osaka Giraffe and sumo elephant. About at Level 50 in each.

Not much happening this weekend though I didn’t sleep much last night so I expect to wake up shortly before noon. Booked my Eurostar for Wednesday (first train out, last train back which will probably kill me again) and need to sort out arrangements for 24/27th. It’s nice to hear that the gang from Team Science are looking to play another Risk Legacy session – there’s one of the other group next Wednesday Casa Joey & Alex. I can’t recall if I mentioned the spate of new Risk sets on the market which take elements of Risk Legacy with the game-changing twists but do not permanently affect all subsequent games. And they’re balanced for five players too. Thus far, both the Dr Who and the Star Wars sets have caught my eye (including a Death Star Piece for the latter) seeming to be the most interesting.

Short update otherwise, haven’t got much else to tell y’all. Sorree

Ahoy Ahoy (and it’s very easy to see why that particular greeting never really took off in early telephone usage). I’m turning into the world’s worst correspondent here – it’s all due to bloody interweb filters overstepping their marks. Access to video gaming sites has been blocked as they come under the generic category of “games”, like flash games and the like. So I only get to see the latest video gaming developments on my iPad these days. Blogs and journals are also out thanks to the web-filter though in many case, it’s a handy addiction breaker. I used to really enjoy Bobby Hardenbrook’s “Shattered World”, or at least until it crossed the line and entered into the territory of fantasy. And the lack of regular updates didn’t help but that’s the problem with writing projects of this size, at some point they gain sentience and cease to provide entertainment for the masses.

Gripes against literature aside, today is a very tired one not least as I’ve forbade myself any coffee today having spent half of last night with gut-ache (from about 6pm but it peaked at 4am) and need to steer clear from caffeine and acidic drinks. As such, eyes are struggling to stay open whilst concentration is prone to roam quite freely. And somehow I’m going to have to plod on home; might have to hop on an 88, dunno yet. Heh, it reminds me of a Matt Groening “Life is Hell” strip where Binkie spends about his entire day half asleep. He gets up, goes to work and generally has a normal day but looks half wrecked throughout it and yet when he goes to bed, he’s wide awake. How many times have we all been there?

So, what’s new? We finally got the second Risk Legacy group off the groups last Saturday with Team Science (me & Alex, Clare, Paul and Rupert) at the Griffin. Only Paul had played Risk before so naturally I cleaned up in the first two games before people began to get the hang of the game. But they’re a smart bunch of people, it won’t be long before they twig how the game is played properly and indeed, in the third game, the signs were there. But the other Risk Legacy game last Wednesday was just beautiful. After some patented Joeanian kick-ass chili, we started game 6 and it commenced with Joey taking out Robyn before she even got her first turn in and he was poised to win the game on his second turn. However, Jad and I had other plans. He massed a huge army in North Africa and was ready to invade when between us we fired off the three missiles to trigger an event, wiped him almost clear off the map and completely derailing his game. Jad gloated, I merely pointed out first he had the pride and this is the fall (in the hubris/nemesis terminology I’m fond of). It was one of those memorable moments in gaming which you just want to treasure.

Finished Batman Arkham City on normal and collected enough trophies (all Catwoman, most of Batman) to get the Riddler. In fact the only sidequest outstanding is the Political prisoners one. So I picked up where I’d left off on Godfather II at the weekend and finished that off too. It wasn’t as satisfying to complete compared with the original game though the promotion system and family management system had such potential. It’s a shame they wasted it on such a mediocre experience all in all. So then I whacked in Star Trek: Legacy into the Xbox and tried to resume that game until the stinking thing crashed on me. It didn’t help matters much that I’d completely forgotten how the controls worked so played a couple of skirmishes whilst I reacquainted myself with it. To be honest, all I want to do is try a campaign which isn’t in the NX-01 era.

The Griffin quiz finished the latest season last Tuesday and YI came second overall. Considering what Team Science won, we think we got the better end of the deal as I’m fairly certain that nobody on the team would have wanted to see Dolly Parton at the O2 Arena. We won 2 hours (for five people) at HintHunt which is just down the road from me. It’s not too dissimilar to a Riddler Death Trap from Arkham City but without the electrified floors or slice n dice doors. Ok that’s slight exaggeration but you get the point. There’s a standard 180-day booking clause on the game so it’s just a case of finding a suitable date and time in the diary. Perhaps January, when people are too poor to afford any other entertainment. Speaking of the quiz, the new season commences on the 10th so most of the gang are choosing to do something different tomorrow. I dunno what I’ll do but if I have another day like today, I’m going straight home to fester/wallow.

I have a five hour meeting on Wednesday. Not looking forward to it. It doesn’t have the glamour of Brussels or the Eurostar.

Actually, there’s nothing particularly sexy happening this week to be honest. Grim stuff – except RL.

Another delayed addition

This should have gone up on 22nd November.

Something that has baffled the hell out of me for quite some time are those situations where you see someone you know – not especially well but you’ve had more than a single conversation in the past – walking towards you or in a lift or something and for some inexplicable reason, you both decide that you don’t know each other and take great pains to avoid any sort of contact or acknowledgement. Then what makes the situation far funnier (at least in hindsight) is when you _do_ speak with that person at some future date and they make reference to having seen you around, the words “but you didn’t say anything at the time” reverberate around the back of your skill and skate on the very tip of the tongue. Then the person gets that microsecond-flash in their eyes when they realise the your conclusion and the fact they have dug themselves a conversational grave.

So why when we all know what the situation is and what we can do to resolve it, do we perpetually fall into that trap time and again? What dooms us as a species to repeat our mistakes in such a crude manner with such alacrity? I dunno – maybe I’ll do a study. One day. But where things really get crazy is that when you do spend a couple of minutes talking to that person, it gives you a lift for the rest of the day. Ah well, enough musing for one week.

The big news this week is that after 2½ months toil, I/we at work have finished something of an epic project here and there’s been something of some decent breathing space so all the other piddly little things we normally fret about can be cleared up and killed off. Alas the respite will only be temporary – this was phase one of the project but will be by far the most work intensive component. Phases two and three should be a great deal more facile though there are no guarantees in this life. But thanks to all those very late finishes the past few weeks and early starts, I’ve been about to go home a little earlier this week too – more time for…well…walking as it turns out but still – big yay.

Only Alex and I of the normal Yoshi’s Island fraternity managed to make this week’s quiz as the other slackers were out listening to some music or having botox or something. We were joined by three other people, Jack, Tony and someone whose name I forget. Despite being a high scoring quiz, we failed to make the top three. Probably means Team Science are leading the way in the final round of the quiz but hey-ho. Was tempted to have a meat dish just for variety as I’m a bit fed up of veggie burgers but decided to be a bit different and had a chip brioche bun (I’m a classy person) and ate the burger separately. I may eat before I go to the pub next week as the whole stodgy meal concept is something I’d like to take a bit of a break from. Give me something like jambalaya or a risotto, filling but not aggressively so.

Wednesday was a Risk Legacy night. As the oven is still knackered, there was no pizza so we had burgers, hotdogs and other little nibbly things. Only managed to get through one particularly protracted game alas. We could have had a second but we sat around chatting about stuff. I offered one of my other board games such as Bang! but alas we stuck to the “putting the world to rights” chat. Ne’er mind, at least we scheduled the next game for next week Bei Mir. Maybe it’ll be Chilli Con Carne both meat n veg.

I decided to play Batman Arkham City again last night, again on a harder difficulty setting. It’s interesting playing it the second time around as I’m finding that I’m accomplishing far more, sweeping up more Riddler Trophies and side missions than I did the first time around. And now I’ve really got a handle on how Batman moves, I’m just enjoying the explorations of the city. I’m minded of playing the Godfather on the Wii and how much pleasure it was just to drive around 1940s New York. But I’ll be sweeping up more of the Xbox Achievements if nothing else. Have also been slowly solving the puzzles in Picross 3 and playing their new “Mega Picross” mode which delivers a new twist to the classic nonogram puzzle. Rather than one clue per line, some of the lines have clues bundled together so there’s even more logic and process of elimination to be applied to the thinking. Once you get the hang of them and “crack the formula”, they’re just as easy to resolve as the regular puzzles. I still want another copy of 3D picross though for the DS and might have to source eBay.