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Wet Tasch

The good news is that today is pay day. The bad news is the bloody tax man took a bigger bite than usual because computer algorithms can be quite frustrating. That said, I have decided to take up the work Office 2013 offer of the complete suite for £9. Given up on finding the Office 2010 Key though I’m sure that like the external hard drive, it’ll turn up quite by accident.

So, the body count in the Steam Sale is six purchases: Age of Mythology HD (I cracked at 40% off), Civ IV Warlords, Civ IV BTS, KOTOR 2, C&C Red Alert 3 Uprising + the Chaos Engine. It may have been more had my laptop not been killed off mid-sale, I dunno. I bought the Civ Expansion packs as part of my “digitisation agenda” reducing reliance on physical media. Tried AoM on Sunday after I downloaded it, looks nicer but I miss or rather I can’t seem to find the advanced commands and advice that other Age games have. Unless this title never featured them, dunno. Finally finished my Civ V game as Morocco, picking up the “Here’s Looking At You Kid” achievement in the bargain.

Weekend: spent a lot of time watching it rain which brought with it a lovely cool breeze, especially at night. Ultimately had to venture forth to pick up laptop etc but think missed the worst of it. I think the moustache parade was over by the time I got into town though the crowds were breaking up so there were large crowds of people stood gormless. Dr Doom claims he ended up in at least one of the main pics; I remain sceptical. Sunday was a bit calmer, at least in general terms though when my can of coke fell off the table and exploded all over the lounge, wasn’t happy. Six walls it managed to cover, as well as the carpet; not even sure how it pierced. Between that, the bed and the wardrobe…nah, let’s not say any more.

I have to say, I wasn’t impressed with the latest Star Trek novel “The Light Fantastic”, a continuation of the story started in Immortal Coil and the Cold Equations trilogy. Everyone seems to have a really grotesquely happy ending except for Harry Mudd and Kevas Fatjo, it’s so saccharine. And don’t get me started on Q meeting the reboot-Enterprise crew. Should be a two page story really – Kirk isn’t Picard and wipes humanity from existence because he can’t argue as well as JLP. The End.

I feel cheated that the verdict in the R.Brooks trial was “not guilty”. Why? Parallels to Earnest Saunders aside, it’s remarkably hard to believe that someone who has been described as having such control freak tendencies could not be wholly aware of what was going on at News International. I really want CPS to appeal the verdict as it’s definitely within the public interest. The equivalent would be me in the office, sending out obscene letters, making abusive phone calls and turning up the next day pretending nothing had happened; it’s just hokey.


Surgery Was A Success

With my data now transferred to my laptop and it’s brand new hard drive, so begins the long road to recovery.  It’s taken me the best part of three hours to sort out my iTunes and getting it all functioning properly but after gutting the library and starting again with a new approach to system restore, I’m confident that the issues are now all resolved.  Phew, there’s something very reassuring to know all your data is where it’s supposed to be.

What I wasn’t expecting was a reinitialisation of the generic software suite with the latest updates; I had assumed I’d get a version of Windows 7 exactly like the one I left.  They gave me new stuff – new Games, new System Tools to play around with.  And perhaps another unexpected side effect for the better was a brand new, clean file registry.  The only downside is that my copy of Office 2010 is in absentia and I’m damned if I can remember where the key is.  However – the work offer is still on IIRC so I can get Office 2013 for £8.

It’s 1am here and I’m trying to set up my download list for Steam (I decided to just leave those games when recovering data and download upon return) so I won’t be going into too much detail about Belfast.  Sufficed to say it was better than expected – I think that I preferred it to Dublin though based on a single trip apiece, I’m willing to go again to both.  Not that the two cities are in competition.

I will say I got all 50 achievements on Lego Indy 1 today – so that’s a mere 7 games I’ve completed start to finish.  Sense of accomplishment tho’.