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Murder at Ku’damm


I’d written a blog entry for today – was at the editing phase but following yesterday’s news, I thought I’d shelve it for the time being.

According to the Beeb, the death count for the Berlin Market murder is at twelve. I was there, one week ago. I visited that market three times in my time off because I reckoned it my favourite. I soaked up the ambiance, ate and drank there, engaged in conversation in my halting German with people, bought souvenirs, admired the arts and craftwork. And now, some quark-for-brains coward with nothing more than hate in his black heart, has so callously acted, ploughing a juggernaut into the middle of the market just because. 

(Not quite the market just up the road a bit) 

No justification, no warning, just pre-meditated murder, the most heinous of all crimes.
There’s no rehabilitation for someone like that. I hope that when he’s tried and convicted, the German government dumps him in a pit somewhere and leaves him to rot.



Last night’s gales were nothing like I’ve heard before. From the screaming of the wind to the amount of street furniture being tossed about the street like the faeces of the Monkey House at London Zoo, I seriously thought my windows were going to be blown in. Then around sunrise, the winds started up a second time but with added rain which really pounded at the window. Being awake, falling asleep again was not to be and I lay in bed until my alarm sounded. And for a good deal of time afterwards, could not move.

The journey into work wasn’t much better, I had some sweaty, stinky bloke in a hi-vis coat and marl trousers gawping at my 3DS, even when I put on the 3D effect to deter him. As he got off, some old git took the seat next to me and began wrestling for control of the armrest as well as chewing gum rather noisily. I briefly considered strangling him with his earphones but there were too many witnesses.

I dunno why the morning commute provokes such hostility in one’s fellow man. I’m grateful I don’t have to use the Central Line in the morning beyond Mile End as Bethnal Green is always lethal the few times I’ve had chance to remain on the train. Invariably the service is full and yet there’s always someone who wants to crush themselves onto the damn thing. When you hear the screech of “can you move down the train please”, you know your journey is going to be that bit more unpleasant as some bozo will actually move. Me? I refuse and ensure I don’t scrunch up. If I end up near the door and someone tries to shove me to get on, I shove back ejecting them from the train. Bethnal Green is easily walkable to Liverpool Street (which is where a good chunk of them get off) or indeed Bank.

Though another simpler solution would be to ensure London bikes are available in zone 2 east thus clearing the lines.

Lunch was a sallow affair – Quorn Cottage Pie. With the lasagne and the chilli, I think I’ve had reconstituted mushroom protein at least once a day, often twice since the 31st Dec. I don’t care about the cost, I have to go and eat something different tomorrow for the variety. Hmm, it’s Andy’s leaving do so that’s a non-starter in the evening. Vegetable fajitas might be nice or perhaps a light curry from Sainsbury’s or Tesco.

Yeah, it’s a moaning Thursday here, brought on by lack of sleep, permanent appetite (caused by lack of sleep) and irritability being not-quite the weekend.

In other news, I’ve all but doubled the size of my music collection thanks to a merger with the music from the good Doctor’s laptop. Some of it is unplayable thanks to the standard iTunes block on tracks but the overwhelming majority is usable. It’s mostly stored in a brand new playlist LJ3 so that my iPhone isn’t overwhelmed by the now 17GB of music. Some good stuff amongst the mix.