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A tale of two shopping trips: 

Saturday I decided to try and find the board game shop (Leisure Games) in Finchley. The shop is near Finchley Central station which is zone 4 but being a cheapskate, I got off at East Finchley which is zone 3 and walked twenty minutes up the road to save myself about 40p. Pleased at my choice as I passed by the continental market which tours London on a semi-regular basis which was nice to see, all the familiar stalls were there. Was tempted to stop off at most of the stalls, particularly the Charcuterie willpower won out and slipped past without buying anything.

After walking through the leafy suburbs, arrived at my destination. Leisure Games is nicely stocked and large windows let in a goodly amount of natural light which can only be a good thing. Definitely a geek’s paradise (albeit out of the way) with plenty of supplies for RPGs, War Gamers and a vast range of card, board and other types of games. Definitely better stocked than Orc’s Nest but more floor space can generally do that for ya. I bought one Batman Fluxx (The Animated Series) and Expansion Packs for The Good, The Bad and The Munchkin & Eldritch Horror (Strange Relics). I’m probably going to go back – though maybe drag someone with me. And then call in to the Baskin Robbins on the way home. All in all, a most successful day.

Sunday was…well, I went out with one goal in mind. To find a shirt that fits that I like, ideally denim to supplement (and eventually replace my 16 year old Levis shirt). I went in to many clothes shops between home and Oxford Street (and back again), I tried on what…well over a dozen shirts and the only ones that fit me in my size were those made by Ralph Lauren. The pricing of the shirts didn’t faze me but the styles did which is why I left them on the hangar (think golfing retiree). Almost all of the other XL shirts I tried on were too tight in the chest – two I couldn’t even get my arms in. And when I tried some XXL shirts in comparison, just to be sure I hadn’t ballooned or wasn’t deluding myself, it was like a five year old wearing his dad’s jumper for a laugh. Except the Rag and Bone shirt I tried on in XXL which again, couldn’t squeeze arms into. WTF is wrong with the state of clothing these days? Does globalisation mean sending the work to third world countries and slapping any old label on them just in the ruthless pursuit of a bargain? I don’t want a life of wearing nothing but sweaters and hoodies and t-shirts. I need some nice stuff too.

Anyway, the experience took most of the day and the only thing I went home with was a bag full of salad items for dinner.



Berlin IV pt 2

Mehringdamm – after Boiler and a good old fashioned sweat, went to the East London Café as I had a craving for jacket potato (always in Berlin with the jacket potato: why???) and this is one of two (now three) places I know where they’re served. Had I not still felt hungover, I might have had a cider to go with it. I like the EL Café, it attracts the expats sure but sometimes when your diet has completely morphed, going back to basics is more of a treat.

And speaking of expats, someone I’d been speaking with online in late 2014 who lived in Berlin – finally met up and had liquid stimulation in the form of Pils at a local bar near to my hotel. Let’s call him…Doctor F. Not to be confused with Herr Doktor/the Doctor. Anyway, Doctor F as it transpired used to live literally down the road from me in Vauxhall/Oval way so we know some of the same people and it was good to have someone to chat to, particularly as iJack couldn’t make it to Berlin. Even though plenty of German people are perfectly happy and willing to talk in English, I have that vague guilt about not speaking it back and half the time, it’s a Han Solo/Chewbacca thing.

Anyhoo, a few hours later, had a quick meal in Euro Kebab (the kebab shop on Frankfurter Allee) of some very nice Falafel and back to the hotel to pass right out. Now Thursday was the one day where I had absolutely nothing planned. I did consider perhaps another museum or something else culturally related but the urge to just have a day of chill (not the Vauxhall sort of chill btw) and go slow overrode priorities. After another scrambled egg on Pumpkin bread breakfast, I made my way to KaDaWe for a look around; thought about viewing Karstadt too but couldn’t make myself. Indulged in a guilty pleasure of looking at all the board games and browsing the stationery porn (pens, books, folders…hardcore stuff) before slipping out to view the sights of KuDamm. Finally made myself look at the ruins of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, the one that gets all blown up in John Gardner’s novel Golgotha. Ultimately back to Alex for Thai lunch (more Talisman) and then Kaiser in the Ring Centre.


Had dinner with Doctor F in Vapiano at Alex – bloody rain that evening was torrential and half of the pavement by the Fernsehenturn seemed to be under water. Food was good though I paid for my chili pepper pizza the next day. And then to Kreuzberg to a bar he knows which put me in mind of the Coronet back in Stratford when that was open. Jever Lime which was way more lime with a touch of beer rather than the other way around. Drinkable though. It was during dinner that it hit me that I was going to go home the next day. Didn’t feel the same strength of longing to remain that I did in October though it was present. Missed the last U-Bahn back from Alex by one minute so had to walk all the way back to the hotel (40 mins). At least the rain had stopped.

Friday – it all worked out great. Had breakfast, checked out just before 12, took the U-Bahn to Alex and had a coffee before getting the bus to the airport which arrived just as the hailstorm started and the rest of the day lined up smoothly until it was time to land. Of course back in London things weren’t pretty (obnoxious people on the Tube and also at the station). Put away the food, did a load of laundry, caught up with whatever I’d missed and went to bed at 11 shattered.

All in all, it was a good trip. Not successful but a solidly good trip. Five days felt a bit on the long side but I feel that had this been spring/summer rather than mid-winter, there’d have been more to do upping the success factor. I might have been tempted for example to hop on a train and go to somewhere like Dresden, Leipzig or even Szczecin. I got what I wanted though – five days of self indulgence, ticked some things off my list, enjoyed spending my time with Doctor F and didn’t push myself too hard even though I was managing about 10 miles a day walking, according to my 3DS.

Rest of the weekend – Saturday was spend catching up domestically and finally finishing off that game of Beyond Earth (won Transcendence Victory) whilst Sunday was spend at Draughts Café. We played mostly new games (I was going to hammer Ceajay at chess but we quit as everyone arrived) and I won a round of Fluxx.