Looking out of the window, it’s as if the summer has been erased and replaced firmly with autumn; the rain is pelting unfortunate types outdoors, leaves are being pulled off of the trees and the air temperature is enough to warrant bringing in a jacket to work.  Portent of the weeks ahead or temporary aberration?  Whatever it takes to prevent another drought order being enforced on the South East of England.

Day three of being back in the office and it’s as if I’d never left; my inbox is full of stupid queries (mostly from even stupider people), deadlines remain ridiculously tight and the overall sense of office malaise continues unabated.  I feel a lot of holiday work being undone already – though still haven’t been able to strike the right balance of sleep now that my iPhone screams me awake in the morning rather than my body clock (or some loud mouthed idiot on the street outside).  So that’s my griping for the day though I dare say there’ll be more to come.   

Working from home – I have given this more and more thought as of late and perhaps I might make a formal request to work from home two or even three days a week.  Whilst I used to be wedded to the idea of a permanent desk mainly on the grounds of territoriality and turf, this has relaxed in recent months especially as there is more of a move to go to “permanent hotdesking”.  But working from home would enable avoidance of the commute, particularly in the mornings and allow me to set my schedule at home without worrying about what is happening in the office.  Plus, there’d be better coffee at home. 

And if I were to make working from home a success (i.e. I can do what needs to be done without succumbing to the pleasures of the TV/Wii/PC etc), I’d finally make the time to get me a hound.  The Canaan Dog is increasingly of interest as it’s very uncommon here in the UK and is supposed to have a lovely temperament.  But one would have to wait, potentially a long time given the low numbers.  Who knows – might happen as early as next year.

I watched the original Total Recall last night on ITV2 and forgot how much it was the epitome of 1980’s cheese (OK the film was released in 1990 but it was adapted and subsequently shot in 1989).  Granted, the special effects are actually excellent and the cast list reads of a who’s who of sci-fi, particularly Star Trek: there’s the Doctor (the Johnny Cab), Gul Dukat (Mars soldier), Ensign Sonia Gomez (the chick with three boobs), Captain Jellicoe (Cohaagen), Legate Broca (Benny) and several other guest stars throughout the Trek Universe.  Like Minority Report twelve years later (also a PKD book), the big question remains at the end of the film – was it all a dream?   

Man, I hate those ambiguous endings to television shows and films.  One that really gets on my nerves is the ending to Quantum Leap which like several other shows, was cancelled shortly before or during the hiatus between filming seasons and so what would have been a season finale ended up being a show finale.  Cybill suffered exactly the same fate as did Angel, Blake’s 7 and several others.  TVTropes refers to a cliffhanger ending with the characters facing certain death the Bolivian Army Ending.    

I finished my Sweden Civ V game last night, the one I began on Monday before going to the Games Day in Brixton – won the Diplomatic victory and for the first time, I had most of the major Civs voting for me to win also as I’d kept three of them onside with free luxuries and forgave their spying transgressions.  England were the sole dissenters but Elizabeth was in a lousy position caught between the Huns and the Aztecs whilst I rushed to liquidate Gandhi, Boudicca and…ah… the Siamese leader whose name I can never remember. 

Oh, and I finally got round to making those stuffed peppers with Aunt Bessie’s vegetable stuffing mix and the baby bell peppers from Tesco.  They were really nice, sweet and juicy and filling.  Heartily recommended though I’m curious to know what sort of a sauce or accompaniment might attend them well.  I’m thinking some sort of savoury concoction or even Bisto’s Chip Shop Curry Sauce over a little rice.  Hmmm… 

T’ain’t much more I can add to today’s post I’m afraid though in a really random aside, I’m toying with the idea of getting an Xbox just so I can play Banjo Kazooie HD.  So there!