IKEA cinnamon rolls before bedtime are to be avoided.  I don’t normally remember my dreams unless they are particularly vivid and this Trek-inspired one was a doozy which I have the urge to share.

 The setting was a non-descript one other than the fact it was present day and set on some sort of university campus.  I and a group of about 30 people were hiding and living in a large semi-derelict building full of broken machinery.  We were being hounded for our ideals which involved artificially augmenting human beings with cybernetic components – neural interfaces and bionic limbs.  After one particularly disastrous encounter which most of us were badly beaten by an unnamed group of assailants, it was clear that many of us would die from various wounds, myself included unless we were to fit ourselves with some of our prototype neural processors.  My head was particularly lacerated so I was the first to undergo the procedure which happened without any form of anaesthesia.  A device was attached to the back of my skull and I guess aesthetically I looked like Lobot from the Empire Strikes Back.  But the operation was successful and my brain tingled as the artificial and synthetic components matched completely.  Armed with this new information, I watched as the most skilled medic in the group performed similar operations and I was able to record the methodologies until I felt able to perform them myself.  It was a graphic dream sequence, cutting open someone’s head and performing delicate surgery and I remember every instruction vividly; completing my first successfully.  With all 30 of us successfully augmented, our ability to communicate without speech and share information at a much quicker speed enabled us to effectively synchronise our thoughts better.  We knew that our implants would make us detectable and we were still fairly weakened from all the surgery undertaken.  I shared a vision of what a disaster a raid would be on us with black-clad militia storming our hiding place and gunning us all down.

 So using some of the broken equipment we were able to rig a generator which would act as a dampener for our cybernetic components whilst a crude electromagnetic field would act as a force-shield, keeping out the inquisitive trespasser.  As we physically healed, so too did our minds, working as one to formulate what to do next.  We needed to expand our numbers and we knew there were others who thought as we did so one or two of us would go out on reconnaissance missions to make contact and if possible, bring people into our collective.  It grew and grew, reaching 200 but by this time, the jury-rigged protective devices weren’t powerful enough to keep such a unit hidden from the authorities.  We could remain hidden or at least attempt to but we’d need greater resources from the power grid which would certainly alert someone to our presence.  Or we could reveal ourselves to the world.  As the collective grew, so too did the flow of new ideas and we began expanding the number of cybernetic enhancements we made to our bodies.  The university where we hid was a major research centre for computer sciences, physics, metallurgy etc and we were able to scrounge and steal components from which to form new improvements.

 It was the decision of the collective to finally switch off the dampeners.  It wasn’t long before we were surrounded by similar black-clad militia who stormed the building where we waited.  As the order to surrender was given, we armed ourselves.  Our implants were switched to full power and a neural dampening field was activated, subtly but noticeably diminishing the mental capacities of our would be captors.  The more sharp witted of the soldiers opened fire but we were now all equipped with personal electromagnetic fields and light, bullet resistant armour on our more sensitive body parts which repelled the kinetic projectiles.  We advanced, using our heightened sensory capabilities to analyse which of our enemies would make suitable members to add to our collective and which ones would be little more than junk.  We killed and maimed the latter whilst rendering the former unconscious, preparing them for surgery.  With 200 eager people hungry to expand, the surgery took little more than an hour and our group grew.  Finally we were ready to spread our ideals to the rest of this university, this country, this world.  And in homage to Trekdom, we called ourselves “the Borg”.

 Sadly, that’s the part when I woke up.