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Back to F’hain

One whole month; I cannot believe that it’s been a whole month since I last posted. In my feeble defence, it has been a jam packed month with work and social all being quite demanding. So where should I start? Personal news?

Ok then. I finally signed up with a GP as the whole ankle thing was just getting beyond ridiculous. For those not in the know, the last six months have been quite painful when I walk at least thirty minutes. Wasn’t sure why, thought it was an injury which was complicated.  Not quite. The damn shoes (CATs) as I kinda suspected were responsible for knackering my Achilles’ tendon. And as I’m hardly Imelda Marcos, I wore them daily exacerbating the issue. So the doctor gave me some anti inflammatories, told me to wear flat shoes and I should be fine in a month to six weeks. 

Alas, me and the new shoes haven’t been getting on. I bought some desert shoes; very pinching and cut my toes up. Tried my M&S black shoes – cut my heel up and the even newer Lonsdale trainers cut the other toes up. But after a couple of weeks, we’ve reached an understanding. I hope. Pisceans are supposed to suffer from feet issues, anyone who says astrology is total bunk – I might have a counter argument for ya!

Given notice on Casa Beaufoy, given a counter offer which we are actually considering. One more year?  I don’t know. 

Had our two boardroom gaming sessions; Eldrich Horror and Talisman with all expansions. Good stuff but need the patience of a saint to get all the way through it. We lost Eldritch; it came down to one dice roll – success meant defeating Azathoth, rolling badly doomed the world. It was all Paul’s fault. Talisman took six hours to get through (with explanations). But folks, if you need space for your board games – office space at the weekend is amazing. 

Work is just manic lately, as predicted. This is what happens when you have two consecutive purdah periods and the wrong referendum result. September to December; trying to cram a years worth of work into three months is simply crazy. It’ll end badly…but not as badly as Zac Goldsmiths 2016…

And at time of writing, I’m in Berlin. Yeah, an offer came up, I leapt at it and here I am. Six nights in Friedrichshain with an empty datebook. The plan – to enjoy a week away from work, from my life and hopefully to just self-indulge (and not necessarily a date with Rosie Palms either). After my March trip was cut appallingly short, I’m looking forward to enjoying my favourite European city. Also – John n Scott of the Griffin are here – ran into them at the airport on the same flight, hell the same row of the plane. A pleasant surprise to be sure but they’re in Kreuzberg. 

In gaming news: finished Arkham City from the Return to Arkham pack, back on Fallout 4 and the Nuka World expansion. Also saw another one of my GTA suggestions about to be implemented: high end vehicle thefts. Sweet!  Bought Jackbox Party Pack 3; Trivia Murder is the surprise new favourite. 

That’s yer lot for now, I’ve got a game of Talisman on the iPad to finish. 


Good times for Cardassia

I was accused (not for the first time, definitely not the last) of being too negative at work yesterday. My response – when people stop doing stupid things with weak, vacillating decision making processes in play, then perhaps I might just let up rather than pour scorn. But as people follow the path of least resistance, as well as generally being apathetic, I have to make enough noise for ten just to ensure that objections to ill-considered decisions are properly logged. My beef this time: micro-management and the general high-levels of control freaks employed by the organisation. Gets people stressed, work is quickly bottle-necked and outputs go awry. But the solution proffered is to…nope, I’m going to put the lid back on the jar. Get back in the bottle, genie. 

I mean Hullo readers.

It’s October therefore autumn is here – at least in this hemisphere. There are clear skies and the promise of the next 60 hours without work. All in all, these are good times for Cardassia, and the Dominion. Or was that a bit too Gul Dukat?

On Friday as part of Inclusion Week, there was a de-stress session one afternoon where colleagues were invited to play board games. Friday is deadsville around here – people taking days off, working from home etc so the office is nowhere near full capacity but still, a respectable number of people turned out to play a few games. I brought in Avalon and taught it to a bunch of people and they all really enjoyed it. We played three games and there’s talk of doing that and other games on a regular basis. Am somewhat sceptical whether this will come off but I choose to remain a little optimistic. Albeit with the usual caution, caveats etc.

Post-pay day weekend: yeah, was really not in the mood to cook so ordered Mexican food from hungryhouse. I was handed off the wrong order and it took a while to resolve but that was all sorted out nicely and I’m pleased to say it was so filling, I could only manage half of it (the Quesadillas) leaving the child-sized burrito for lunch the next day. Totally worth it – Big Mama’s Burrito’s in Battersea.

I went out to Finchley to Games Quest on Saturday (after the aforementioned burrito) to see what was new, hip and happening – or at least as these things go. Bought one new card game (Twilight Squabble which is a 15 minute version of the bigger game), a mini-expansion for Boss Monster (the one with the aliens), a copy of Resistance (inspired by the Avalon example above) and some card protectors which ran out pretty damn quickly as I protected cards for Bang!, Archer Love Letter and Batman Love Letter. Just a word on Card Protectors – make sure you take an example of the cards you wish to protect otherwise you might end up a bit screwed. My goal was to try and protect my 7 Wonders Cards but the sleeves were too small. Fortunately, Bang! was the right size (and I was only able to protect the characters, role and help cards, not the ones you actually play with.

Post board game shop, I had a coffee in Costa where I spent thirty minutes waiting for my iPad to make a move on Twilight Struggle, didn’t have the wherewithal to stay out (i.e. visit Orc’s Nest & FP) so went home. Just as I exited Oval station, the massive, nasty downpour that blighted London for two hours began. Was thoroughly soaked by the time I made it through the front door. So spent the rest of the evening feeling slightly damp.

Clearly, I must have been desperate for something to do on Sunday as I washed the sofa covers. The flat was covered in feathers as one of the cushions has/had split (cheap Ikea furniture) and days later, the damn things still keep popping up, just when you think you’ve nabbed the last one. I managed to con (beg) Dr Do(o)m into a game of Twilight Struggle – I won, principally as he forgot that scorecards can be played in the headline round. Which wasn’t really fair but they should really make a more comprehensive cheat sheet.

The latest GTA Online addition has been released as of Tuesday which allows players to form their own motorcycle gangs. In summary, motorcycle gangs work kinda like Corporations but with bikes, up to 8 players in a chapter and the ability to run your own enterprises across Los Santos and Blaine County. And I’m pleased to say that this is in line with a suggestion that I made to Rockstar about a month ago (see earlier blog entry). I’m sure they’ve had similar suggestions and were probably working on it already but I said roughly that I would like to see Corporation missions extend the entirety of the map and perhaps one way around having to do missions where the player was forced to drive/fly/said 10km was to have smaller businesses like drug labs in Blaine County/Paleto Bay where these things could be assembled before being brought to the city. And behold, that’s pretty much what’s in the Bikers Expansion. Whether or not my suggestion was read/heeded, I’m happy to have (possibly) been a tiny part of what looks to be an interesting twist on the online experience. Only issue is that I’ve spent almost the entirety of my online bank balance on setting up my Biker Chapter (I ripped off Robocop and called my gang the “Splatterpunks”, buying in some bikes and suitable attire so more grinding is needed to generate cash.

To Scott and Joey’s on Monday for some last minute gaming action. I was on the way to Zeitgeist as I had one of those rare days where I could not go on with my evening without a beer and a pretzel, though it was only the former that was required. Received the invite, downed a Köstritzer quickly and headed off to Clapham Junction. We played the space alien game which involves hunting humans, a couple games of Secret Hitler and a round of Room 25 which I was a guard and messed up madly. Met some new gamers which is always nice and when I got home, I was so tired I passed out as soon as I hit the bed.

The latest season of the Griffin Quiz finished on Tuesday. We will not know how we did until the next week as points need to be tallied up properly. Would have won the damn quiz too if it wasn’t for our 3 point deduction. Not that I need another half box of San Miguel or Bulmer’s. Pub was utterly rammed with folk and I finally told Andy to buy a book on successful pronunciations. Because he stumbles over English, let alone when questions have words in French, German or Latin.

And looking ahead to the rest of the week/weekend: should be quiet times. Wednesday’s session has been moved to Thursday (today) and Griffin Games on Sunday. I knew few Librans/Scorpios so only one birthday and that’s Dr Do(o)m this month. No other activities planned save for the Quiz prize lunch at the London Steakhouse in Chelsea in a couple of weeks’ time. Probably for the best, I suspect everyone is quietly building up funds for the last week of December.

And finally, there’s been a fair amount of mirth all round at the latest Think! campaign on safer cycling in London. Y’see, cyclists are being encouraged not to cycle on the left-hand side of lorries as quite often that’s in the middle of the blind-spot, leading to accidents, fatalities etc. But being the militant sort, several cyclists have taken to social meeja in order to protest this high-handed approach by the government. How dare cyclists be told what to do. How dare people try and gently persuade others that their lives are not worth throwing away in traffic accidents which are preventable. You may be interested to learn that there’s even a petition online to sack the current Minister responsible for this heinous campaign. I think the number of signatures is still in single figures… 

The August Bank Holiday

It’s sorta pathetic that the only time off you have to look forward to is a statutory Public Holiday. Now I know why people dropped dead at age 40 about a hundred years ago; sheer exhaustion. Though I suppose if all you have to look forward to in life is more work, it quickly becomes the norm. That said, this weekend was something of a mixed bag.

Was looking forward to some time with the PC, checking out its full range of abilities etc. I didn’t want a particularly heavy weekend, just some chance to catch up with sleep (and make the gnawing hunger in the pit of my stomach go away), to recuperate and recharge before a month of foreign travelling and to just plain be indulgent. Popped over to Selfridges on Friday evening for some of those indulgences – Forbidden Rice, Blue Corn Tortilla chips, Gooseberry Fool Marshmallows and some Speculoos chocolate. Spent far too much but I just don’t care.

Saturday, my run of recent good fortune continued when the light fitting in my bedroom completely disintegrated with no hope of repair. Was compelled to storm off to Homebase in Wandsworth to buy a new fitting but unknown to me, the cabling in the flat is on a loop which means if you take one light out of the equation, all other lights in the loop after that one are killed off. Only Dr Dom’s room had any light. Eventually I was rescued from twenty four hours of no lights and the spotlights were installed. And they look rather spiffy. Griffin John’s birthday that evening. Free bar – drank too much cider, passed out.

Sunday was the usual recovery mode from a heavy night out and I felt rough all day, or at least until 5/6pm. It wasn’t pretty. Had a quick knock about on the table tennis table upstairs from the gym. We both sucked at the game. Let’s just leave out Monday. Vile weather, utterly housebound, managed to sleep for nine hours though without a soporific.

Playing: the usual + Arkham Origins Blackgate.

Tried the board game Talisman at Jad and Roby’s last Wednesday. I was doing quite badly until two characters died and I got to loot both their corpses giving me an unassailable lead. We’d have finished but I was desperate to make the last tube home after the last time when I was forced to get those nasty nightbuses. I have added it to my Steam wishlist as it’s quite cheap and wasn’t that bad.

Surgery Was A Success

With my data now transferred to my laptop and it’s brand new hard drive, so begins the long road to recovery.  It’s taken me the best part of three hours to sort out my iTunes and getting it all functioning properly but after gutting the library and starting again with a new approach to system restore, I’m confident that the issues are now all resolved.  Phew, there’s something very reassuring to know all your data is where it’s supposed to be.

What I wasn’t expecting was a reinitialisation of the generic software suite with the latest updates; I had assumed I’d get a version of Windows 7 exactly like the one I left.  They gave me new stuff – new Games, new System Tools to play around with.  And perhaps another unexpected side effect for the better was a brand new, clean file registry.  The only downside is that my copy of Office 2010 is in absentia and I’m damned if I can remember where the key is.  However – the work offer is still on IIRC so I can get Office 2013 for £8.

It’s 1am here and I’m trying to set up my download list for Steam (I decided to just leave those games when recovering data and download upon return) so I won’t be going into too much detail about Belfast.  Sufficed to say it was better than expected – I think that I preferred it to Dublin though based on a single trip apiece, I’m willing to go again to both.  Not that the two cities are in competition.

I will say I got all 50 achievements on Lego Indy 1 today – so that’s a mere 7 games I’ve completed start to finish.  Sense of accomplishment tho’.


Last Weekend In Camden

Sounds like a low budget sequel to Last Tango In Paris.

All official now. I picked up the keys, I paid the money and I move in on Monday. It is quite hard to contemplate, the entire process. A major change and it’s all going to be done with in 72 hours. Two months of worry, over.

Rather than gaming it lately, I’ve spring a lot of this week reading some Harry Turtledove books and watching BBCs House of Cards trilogy. For a 24 year old show, it stands up most excellently.

It’s after midnight, I’ve more packing to do in the morning and a games afternoon to attend so that’s your lot for today.

Hey gang, this last week…well, although I’m grateful I don’t live in the South West with the flooding and the winds and all but it’s been quite a toughie here.  So, Dom and I were running around all of South London looking at new places to live – Battersea, Vauxhall, Stockwell, Clapham, Elephant & Castle…  I’d completely forgotten how much hard work it was, viewing flats and darting across town IN THE MIDDLE OF A BLOODY 48 HOUR TUBE STRIKE.

There were times I could have just wept through sheer frustration.  Haven’t felt that way in…well, when was the last time the Doctor was in rehab?  Thank heaven for my comedy DVD collection putting a smile on my face every now and again in the midst of the angst.  We found a few places we liked, made further enquiries and it might be that we’ll be living in Vauxhall in a fortnight’s time.  Just got to pass the reference checking.  Fingers crossed and all that.  As Vegere says, don’t count your glitterlies when all you have it maggots but I feel it looking good…

Although yesterday, the fraud department of the bank decided to cancel my debit card which was really, really effing inconvenient.  Some really, really angry phonecalls were made yesterday, there were some velvet-covered threats but I think that all’s back on track.  It’s amazing how one can go from one extreme emotion to another, particularly without chemical stimulants or imbalanced brains.

Sufficed to say, that’s been it for the entire week, no gaming other than Streetpass hits, work has continued to be busy but it looks like we’re about to sort out that Dublin visit once and for all and I’m stuffed full of home made lasagne.  And next is the chilli – running through all the fridge and freezer foodstuffs.

That’s probably all I can think of to jot down for now.  With potential packing in the offing and all that, yeah – might get more than a little busy.  But I want to make the time to go out to see the Robocop remake; great cast list.

Holiday Update

It goes lousily.  Stuff happening from out of the blue.  Difficult times ahead.  And when I’m miserable, I don’t feel like reliving it through writing it.  Sorry folks.

Still 34 and zero days

Hey gang, just boarded the 2128 service back to St Pancras and am waiting to begin the journey home. If you’re the sort of person who likes a little zest in a blog post, you might want to tune out now cos this one will be a little on the tame side alas.

So when I jumped off the train desperately attempting to upload this blog post by finagling the last of the free wifi, it was a little after 11. The station was pretty much the same as the last time I was here aside from a little renovation work. In my 34 years of existence, I don’t recall Nottingham station to ever have changed apart from the introduction of security barriers. Oh I’m sure there’ll be a few anoraks who can tell me what exactly has changed in that time but to me, de nada.

Thought I’d begin my day with a brief stroll through Broadmarsh Centre (aka Westfield Nottingham). Last time I was here, I recorded that this centre had been hit pretty hard by the recession. Many of the former shop occupants had still gone and in their place were cheapo bargain stores. Well, it’s nice to report that some of the real tatty places had moved on and there were slightly better stores in their stead. However, it wasn’t exactly the bustling centre which challenged Victoria Centre for supremacy in the 1980s. It’s main problem is that it hasn’t found a large tenant to occupy the feature store which used to be an Alders, prior to that a Co-op Department Store. Until that happens (and I think they should work really hard on M&S up the road), they stand no chance.

Wandered up past Market Square, swung by Game and picked up three bargains (two games I used to own: New Zealand Story Revolution and Star Wars Fatal Alliance + Great Giana Sisters) and then carried on to Victoria Centre. That’s still a little busier although the shoppers weren’t exactly armed with carrier bags full of goodies, even during the lunch peak. Oh the cafes and other eateries were heaving; you can’t come between a Nottingham person and his/her cup of tea. I dunno, I guess I just don’t see a lot of hope for the city. The industry is gone, the Internet has an ever increasing share of the retail sector. People weren’t smiling around the city – it was really noticeable. The only happy looking person was the man selling me cakes to take round to the Ancient One’s house. Though he kept calling me sir – I’ve never felt comfortable with that form of address.

Speaking of cake, it was a fancy cupcake stand, kinda like Lola’s in Selfridges but actually, far more creative in design. Johnnie Cupcakes (he said reaching for the box). They had this beautiful giant cake of…well…I can’t say as I dare say it violates copyright law. They had 12 cakes for £18 so without thinking, I bought 18 of the suckers, meaning to say 12. I paid for my mistake though rather than apologise and ask him to put some back. That’ll teach me to read the signs properly.

Swung by the shop where my sister works and completely surprised her – was totally rewarded by the dumbstruck look on her face but alas I didn’t prime my iPhone in time. That was fun. After calling into a few clothes shops in a desperate search for either a black hoodie or a black zip up top, I decided to call it quits and I made my way down to New Basford. The walk up Mansfield Road is a bit of a challenge but with a heavy backpack and a heavy carrier bag full of stuff, it was even more difficult. Still, I made it without waving down a bus which was pleasing – kinda like my post work walk come early.

Made a lunch of a couple of cheese salad cobs (in Nottingham, it’s a cob) washed down with a Fentiman’s ginger beer, then a Crabbies. Caught up, watched daytime television (who the hell gave Alan Titchmarsh a show I will never understand) and waited for my mother to arrive which she did a little after six. Unfortunately, Helen goofed and let it slip I was in town so there was no shock value to be had. Gah! Again we caught up, such as we could – there was in depth Newspaper analysis going on y’know. And I found out that she’s joined the denture brigade.

Nuff said.

That was pretty much it, walked back to the station, boarded the train, here I am. Why did I come here? Complete spontaneity. I wanted something to do, I had an idea and I acted on the impulse. Behaving totally within character and I was in a good mood, I thought I could handle a trip up north. As I said in my Berlin and Brussels travelogues last year, sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than just walking around, observing people going about their every day business and seeing the heartbeat of urban life. It’s a simple hobby but a fascinating one. There’s much to see, to think about, infer and consider.

So in terms of a birthday, it’s not perhaps the most exciting, action packed of days. But I did exactly what I wanted, made a few people happy and had cake. Is there anything more to be said than that?

Greetings good citizens. The prologue…

Ok, perhaps it’s a good thing I’m not Frankie Howerd though I do enjoy watching Up Pompeii on YouTube. Why am I glad? The rug.

So anyway, as you have ascertained from the title of this blog post, I’m 34 years old today. It’s finally here and as several people have pointed out, I’ve officially outlived Jesus. I’m currently in the First Class Lounge at St Pancras station waiting for a train to go to Nottingham. Whilst I let that point sink in, lets rewind a little.

Another busy week this week though not with the manic intensity that has become de rigeur lately. It’s the sort of week that has been a preparatory period of time, getting us all in readiness for the ordeals ahead. February is over and March is here; beginning the final sprint ahead of Easter, the end of the Financial Year and everything in between.

Griffin Quiz: no Joey or Ceajay and Robyn decided to absorb Jad’s germs so we were only seven much to my consternation. Our A and B teams tied for second place overall though with David the second trying to crack jokes about my advancing years, every point we scored off of the B team became a juvenile game of one-upmanship. We were the only team to have gotten Alex’s common links round (5 years of compulsory religious education, baby) so the was a great deal of smug gloating to be enjoyed.

Have been worried about weight management this week, not least as my newest pair of jeans have been feeling excessively tight. This could be down to the cut rather than my waistline as I can still do up the tightest notch on my belt with no problem but its still enough to put me in panic mode. So I forewent the chips at the quiz (it’s the one time in a week I typically allow myself those high-calorie treats) and stuck to the Aubergine and Goat Cheese gratin.

Probably a futile gesture, there’s been a high intake of cake and biscuits this week what with one thing and another. Going back even further to Monday – went to a meeting in the City in the afternoon. There’s something about the City whip inch I just don’t like. It’s too labyrinthine. The streets are like canyon walking and the people…earn far more than I. Anyway, after the meeting, I availed myself of all the leftover biscuits. About a dozen packs worth, I was very proud and my colleagues at work were rather grateful.

That evening was a Risk Legacy event, I was the last to arrive as my driver (the good Doctor) had a car battery issue. I didn’t press the point as he gave me £10 for the taxi ride. Anyway, we managed to get in two games and I have to report that it was an utter sulk fest. First Jad got into a mood because Rob derailed his plans immediately. Then Joey managed to manoeuvre his people into a dominant position getting rather smug about it all. I made my comment about hubris leading to nemesis (thank you Star Trek). So we all naturally ganged up on the boy and took him to pieces.
In the second game, Rob shafted himself with a lousy starting position and Joey took him apart. Jad meanwhile was card-raped twice but the fallout zone spread quashing his chances a victory. This is when the dice totally turned against Joey and he went into hyper sulk mode. The rest of us could barely contain our laughter as he had a strop worthy of any five year old. I couldn’t resist pointing out my warning earlier, just to twist the knife. By the end of the evening there was a lot of ill feeling but no lasting damage. Just one of those evenings where stress isn’t necessarily expended, more added to.

Jumping to Wednesday, yeah, the spa trip. Now I may or may not have mentioned that I wanted to use my spa voucher on my birthday as a treat on my day off. Of course, the last of the great procrastinators here really should have booked this much further in advance as the only time I could find a slot was Wednesday evening so I had to wriggle out of work (thank you Stella for that). There’s always something lurid about leaving early, a deep, perverse pleasure as I watched my colleagues chewing down the last of their Pret sammiches.

The Wellbeing Spa at he Hotel Rafayel in Battersea was me destination. Not the easiest place to find it has to be said. Oh it’s clearly marked on the map but the entrance to the spa was all but invisible. Finally I cast aside my male pride and asked reception for directions; bloody spa was on the third floor. Anyway, once I got there, I was shown around and told to indulge myself before my treatment. Stupidly, I forgot I was in a mixed gender spa rather than an all male one and I hadn’t brout anything with which to cover little Joe with. Thus I had to forego the jacuzzi and whirlpool (bloody yummy mummies and their nudity taboos) and loitered.

Eventually I forewent the facial in favour of the back and shoulders massage – first time I’ve had one from a woman before mainly as I prefer some firm pressure and my latent sexism makes me doubt I can be squeezed and pulped as hard as a male masseur. What can I say; I’m a sucker for a pummelling. But the masseuse was quite good nonetheless. Not very chatty but she knew her craft and she did ease the knots in the blades. I wish the appointment was for a little longer but hey ho. There’s always next time and all that.

After the spa, I had my tea and cake in the lounge whilst watching the helicopters take off and land at Battersea heliport. They almost didn’t make a sound in doing so until I realised the thickness of the glass of the window overlooking the river. I think c4 explosives would have a hard time penetrating the thickness of it. Couldn’t hang around too much longer, there were errands to run. First stop was John’s new venture, the Roebuck pub in Oval. Main reason was to check it out for my next board games afternoon and I’m happy to report that it passed with flying colours.
Menu looked awesome and I was very strongly tempted to stick around for dinner as the artichoke platter sounded exquisite but duty called and I had to go and get a hold of Andy D at the Griffin to double check menu choices for Saturday. That was all sorted out together with a quick mental planning session vis á vis decorations.

Donnerstag wasn’t anything special other than a quick catch up on Mutual Recognition of Driving Disqualifications (don’t ask) and the usual million requests for briefing and questions. Went to have my pre-birthday coffee with LJ at Pat Vals where somebody else was marking a birthday. We Pisceans are everywhere you know. To my shame, I had really had the time to go out and get him anything but he indicated a preference for an Amazon voucher so next time I swing by Sainsbury’s, I’ll pick one up. Oh, that’s right, I wanted to bitch and whine about the complete lack of public recognition over my contribution about a Consultation I helped put together at the last minute. I was warned over Gardulla by her former hirelings.

So why was I at St Pancras? Why am I spending my birthday heading towards the midlands? After my spa day was moved (and that was going to be today’s centrepiece), I was at a loss for things to do. On a whim whilst in the spa lounge, I looked up train ticket prices and saw a day return on EMT in first class was £45. So I thought ‘why not’ – actually, I thought ‘ferque it’, forgot my little euphemism there. Standard class was only £5 cheaper and I can abuse the privileges of the train, the lounge and all that. So here I am, somewhere currenty between East Midlands Parkway and Leicester sat in my hefty seat, digesting my vegetarian grill breakfast tapping this blog entry out.
Between you, me and the security forces monitoring my blog (I _did_ mention C4 explosives earlier), there’s only one reason to go to Nottingham. I’m going incognito therefore it’s going to be one HELL of a surprise when I show up unannounced on my birthday. Sufficed to say, I’m prepping my camera to take pictures of stupefied facial expressions for my general amusement.

Anyway, not that far to go, another ten minutes left of travel and then…well, we’ll see. I’ll keep y’all apprised.


Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus

Not sure exactly what it was that made me source this out but I had the overwhelming urge to listen to the in-game music for Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors Expansion pack.  So many memories, yes but it’s also a wonderfully simple piece of music which is just a pleasure to listen to.

Excuse me, I have my 20s to go and relive.