I have written blog entries in the interval between the last entry and this one but I really need to slap in some piktchaz so they’ll have to wait before posting. That aside, what’s new at the zoo?

Only two more days until the release of Civ VI. I’m not pre-ordering and I probably won’t buy it for a while. It’s not that I don’t like the series any more but it really is a time drainer and I seek more action in my games these days. A secondary consideration is the lack of somewhere suitable to play it; my dining table is a poor substitute for a computer desk, the chairs are nasty, my swivel chair doesn’t belong in my limited-size lounge which has led to an overall disfavouring of PC games for Xbone. Though the table is good for board games, of course.

Am somewhat cautious about the game’s new features of building city improvements outside the city centre though like the idea of the “Eureka Moments”. Beyond Earth was a good game but there was just…something about it that didn’t encourage players to keep coming back to it, not in the same way that Civ or Alpha Centauri did. It’s hard to identify that particular x-factor though I would have to say that I had a bit of discomfort in the way that the game felt like you were groping around in the dark with regard the advances, city improvements and major projects. The tech tree being a radial wheel was a stroke of genius but until the player gets completely familiar with it, there’s a definite disconnect in planning and actuality.

Of course the week’s other big news is the formal announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 – albeit with a release date of next year. I cheered when Rockstar sent its email yesterday, much to the bemusement of those in the pub. It’ll be hard to see how they can top the original game but I look forward to the trailer [tomorrow]. I foresee more running around killing animals and skinning them for cash…

At the weekend, I went through my old consoles, specifically looking for the Weakest Link on PS1 as I thought that might be fun to play a couple of rounds but the damn software has gone walkabout on me. All my other games are together, just not that one game. It’s probably in another box in my room but until I can fathom where, it’s going to be lost to antiquity. Or the recycling, either/or. But on that note, I still cannot decide whether I want to keep my older consoles or just junk/sell them. They’ve all been shoved in boxes for ages, barely brought out. Whilst I want to keep the N64, the PS1, Megadrive and SNES are really just taking up precious space. And the Gamecube is too, given that the Wii is backwards compatible.

In boardgame news, well there ain’t much going on. Though had two sessions on Sunday; played Twilight Struggle Late War variant with Dr Do(o)m where he was USSR and I was USA. I won at final scoring by the skin of my teeth and it took more luck than skill as my dice rolls, particularly in realignments totally went against me. Fortunately, I was blessed with good cards, especially on my final turn where both East Germany and Poland were flipped but not enough for Control. And I had Marcin over for some gaming in the evening, various short games. I did go over the rules over some long held but never played games but without a walkthrough, don’t feel confident enough to inflict them on a group.

C’est tout for now – I just found something…quite interesting to do.