September 1st today – or at least at time or writing. I’m officially 37½ years old (if you take the six-month break period rather than 183 days being a leap year and all). Half-birthdays aren’t really a “thing” here in the UK but in the US, there’s a little more traction behind them. Principally, I hasten to add, to allow those who have a birthday either overshadowed by other events (public holidays, anniversaries, disasters) or for children who have their birthdays in the middle of the school holidays to be able to celebrate with most of their friends. I might have mentioned in earlier posts that I was thinking of marking a half-birthday given my lacklustre/zero effort six months ago but alas, I lost another fight with my old enemy, procrastination.

Brexit means Brexit and we are going to make a success of it. That’s the official line re the ongoing political saga. It was recanted six times in a document (I’m not breaking official secrets, those are the “public” lines) I read at the tail-end of last week. Thing is, I am ever-despising the “b” word so need to figure out how to make it more palatable. And this was reinforced by the poll of the three most hated words in the English language, according to this island’s natives. Still, it may be overshadowed in the next year by “Nexit”. There’s a good chance that’ll happen. Possibly followed by “Quitaly”. Disgusted by the events in Harlow over the death of the Polish man. It feels like Enoch brigade are back, not helped by media hysteria championed by the usual set of right-wing loser-bigots.

Subject change: the Bank Holiday weekend. The rain didn’t really manifest itself. There were a couple of light showers but not the hour/two hour long downpours promised by the weather service(s). I feel cheated. Though I did get caught in the middle of one of the showers when I went to the new/re-opened Sainsbury’s at Nine Elms. It’s much bigger than the old store but despite all that space, they didn’t really seem to offer anything “new”. The shelves were full of increased amounts of the usual fare rather than say having an expanded World Foods section or a more comprehensive liquor section. It’s not a bad store, I just don’t think it’s making the best use of its potential.

For the most part, it was a GTA Online weekend. I’ve been making the most of the Finance and Felony update, filling up my two warehouses and then doing some manic cargo runs in order to build up a nice stockpile of cash. I also doubled the size of my vehicle fleet, taking advantage of a couple of weekend sales to get a supercar, a Benny’s special (both fully tricked out) and several bikes/motorcycles (mainly for off-road racing and wheelie challenges as my Carbon RS & Western Daemon just don’t cut it). This precipitated the need for a new garage, now in the south-east of the city. And despite spending…quite a lot, I’ve still got twice the amount of cash banked compared with the start of the weekend. Didn’t have a good one as pay-day fell on the wrong side.

The old noggin was in hyperdrive on Monday night/Tuesday morning. Spent more of that evening awake rather than asleep which has somewhat phase-shifted the rest of the week. Tuesday was a noticeably bad day. Brain was on a five second-delay. On the plus side, last night and the night before has been quite good in terms of nightly unconsciousness. Tuesday’s quiz, we had a three-way tie for first place at the end but lost the tie-breaker. If we hadn’t had the pesky two point deduction, we’d have won the damn thing. We just had to console ourselves with our plastic cutlery spot-prize.

No games last night, just could not be bothered to organise anything. Malaise forever…