Ah, yet another delayed post… 

Hopefully the back of the heat wave has been broken after yesterday’s indoor sweat-fest and we’re moving into cooler times. Ostensibly, today will reach 26 degrees but that’s only around late afternoon when it should cool off again. The humidity has been around 80%, simply not pleasant for all concerned. Rain pretty much all day tomorrow, standard fare for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Weather aside, it has been a rum old week. I’m vaguely pleased to say that my workload has increased for the first time since end June with some actual quality pieces coming in rather than tat and pity-work. It’s been nice to have something to mull and chew over. Yesterday there was a bomb threat and we were all evacuated. Imagine my sincere disappointment when it was announced that it was only a drill, not the real thing. Not that I’m advocating people to die in a blast but the image of the office collapsing into a pile of rubble is somewhat evocative and definite wish-fulfilment. Except with web-mail, we won’t be put on gardening leave…damn technology.

Griffin Quiz just saw me and Alex turn up. I tried and failed to lure people over to the dark side. We were winning after the first half of the quiz but had a collapse in the second half. Too much guess-work needed, too many answers of “it’s either a or b so let’s choose a” when the answer was b. And I succumbed to a Brie and Bacon Burger. After the day I had on Tuesday, I needed something stronger than Halloumi cheese. Damn good burger, almost as good as one from Zsa Zsa.

I snapped up a copy of Twilight Struggle on Steam (then I realised that it’s also available on the iPad but I’m not going to be double-buying – yet) the other day. Played three games, abandoned the first (rage-quit), lost the second to a Defcon 1 thing which I didn’t see coming and won the third, astoundingly by having complete control of Europe. The win was definitely down to more luck than skill – I feel. The AI had all the score cards (bar one) but he was forced to play them in continents where I had dominance keeping my score as the USSR around +10. Whilst he poured resources first into Asia (we tussled over Thailand and Vietnam), then the Middle East (several fights over Egypt), I kept trying to keep him off balance whilst taking every opportunity to clear his troops from key European targets. Finally, I nabbed back Poland (thank-you John Paul II…grrr), played the card and won a shock victory by turn 6. And this is with no rebalancing of the game either in my favour or his.
Bank Holiday weekend: should be a pretty quiet one. In the flat solo.