With the conclusion of the Xbox and Steam Summer Sales, cannot help but feel disappointed by the lack of good offers. Discounts were there but you didn’t feel as if there was one great offer which really offered a fantastic deal, something that was head and shoulders above the rest. I have to report that I didn’t succumb to a purchase although I did consider Red Dead Redemption now that it’s available through backwards compatibility. That said, perhaps what I’m most looking forward to at the moment is the final DLC for Fallout 4 (I wish it’d stretch out a little longer with a few more packs but hey-ho). 

It’s been a rum old week otherwise. Finally got some sleep with possible thanks to some herbal remedies. Don’t know if it’s the placebo effect or actual working of whatever is in Valerian Root but I’ll take seven hours over seven minutes. Would rather forget this week’s quiz – not because of the quiz or the pub but the churlish behaviour of other people. Otherwise there isn’t too much to crow about. Several of us took the trip to Stratford for the Super Fun Happy Slide aka the Arcel Mittor Orbit. There was a bit of a queue and being a very hot Saturday wearing protective gear, not the most comfortable. Slide itself was…well I still have problems describing the damn thing. It’s fairly quick and there’s a certain amount of rocking from side to side. Not quite loop the loop but there were a couple of hairy moments in that regard. Wasn’t bad I guess, but if the opportunity to ride it again never ever came up, it wouldn’t make me sad. Griffin Games – played some Coup, 7 Wonders, Spyfall and that’s about it.

Pokémon Go – no, not getting it. I’ll let it be another fad that I don’t buy into but it’ll reduce the chances of some schmuck on a bike doing a snatch-and-run, again. Dr Do(o)m downloaded it and said there was…something where I was lying ungracefully on the couch. Still, good for Nintendo for making a product so instantly accessible and enjoyable for gamers. And it’ll get more people out and about too which can only be a good thing. Well, mostly – gotta feel sorry for the person who stumbled across a dead body. Not going to be able to see Pikachu without seeing the mental image of a corpse.

Speaking of distractions, I was liberated of my mobile phone yesterday. The usual story, I was using it (reading a book – the Lives of Dax if you must know) right near Lambeth Walk when I hear a moped or motorbike coming up behind me. Bear in mind this is a pedestrianised stretch of the road and it’s not uncommon for various types of two-wheelers to pass by; I actually move over to let the cyclist past (more because there are three people walking in front of me) when my phone is tugged out my hand, the cyclist puts his foot down and speeds off. I managed to get the registration plate details, reported it to the police but the damn bike had already been stolen this morning. Still, I did what I needed to do in terms of getting it locked remotely, switching on relevant phone finding apps and about two hours after it happened, there was an attempted access but not enough to get the GPS. Hasn’t been tried since.

Yeah, think that’s yer lot for today. Apart from this last thought: Are we in the UK about to turn the corner on our quiet little political revolution or is more change in the air? I speak of course of the four leadership contests affecting parties (one concluded) – all the major players save the Liberal Democrats – where nobody could have predicted the sheer scope of the changes wrought. Doubtless some wag will come up with a snappy name for future historians to study in textbooks but for now, anyone who uses the phrase “living in interesting times” is labelled as the deviant pariah that they are.