Post R-Day, I have very little to do at the moment, principally as we’re in political paralysis. The dust doesn’t look like it’s going to settle any time soon and until it does, progress can only be measured in molecules. I took a few days off last week as I had the leave/TOIL to spend and it wasn’t as if I was going to be missing anything at work in the short term. So Wednesday afternoon after a half day, I had lunch with Dean at Taquitos (another very spicy meal, another decision regretted eight hours later) before prepping for board games (made stuffed aubergine rolls which are now on the list of “who cares how fattening they are?”). We played 7 Wonders but failed to get round to a third game with Babel. 

Xian’s 40th birthday party on Saturday. Left the house early to do stuff (i.e. get gifts and party foods & liquor). Was a pretty good turnout considering everything generally going on in London on Saturday (the anti-Brexit march, the pro-Heathrow march, stupid Tennis, stupid Football and decent if indecisive weather). Didn’t feel like I was drunk despite having eight or nine cocktails plus a beer although when I went to bed, I really felt woozy. No hangover however and I think I managed six hours sleep which lately, is somewhat on the generous side. Next house or flat that we live in is definitely going to have igloo-like qualities.

Griffin Quiz was pretty quiet this week but after the first day of blue skies for quite some time in London, I suspect everyone was out trying to get some desperate use out of their BBQ sets. Never understood the UK craze for BBQ whenever there’s a dry spell but I guess if you’re one of those families where typically the husband will only cook if there’s open flames, there’s a certain novelty to al fresco dining. That segue aside, we didn’t win the quiz and to make matters worse, there were no cola floats either. For SHAME.

I’m kinda between video games at the moment, chiefly as I just can’t bring myself to return to games like Zombi or The Escapists, not can I be bothered to finish the final chapter on Walking Dead Season One so this week, I decided to return to San Andreas and play some GTA Online. The latest pack (Further Adventures in Finance & Felony) was released back in early June which kinda acted as a spur/incentive to try. Put succinctly, the update expands the nature of being a VIP into running your own business properly, being able to buy/sell illicit commodities and more free-play missions. There are the usual vehicle and wardrobe choices to accompany this but it’s helped to maintain interest as the spread of players in online sessions is a good mix of old hands and n00bz. It’d be good if they hurry up and announce GTA VI given the recent spate of interweb speculation but a TripA title obviously takes time to craft.

I was threatened with having my account hacked/deleted by what I think was a German player who didn’t like it when I successfully stopped him making a cargo delivery. He sent a series of abusive messages, I told him to get over it, he said he was going to delete my account, I reported him to Microsoft. And when I looked at his profile picture, his avatar is him in what can only be described as an SS uniform. That’s not why I think he was a German – it was the syntax in the messages, the profile name and the fact that on Friday, many of the players seemed to be German based on all the names of players and the chosen names of their criminal enterprises. I’m guessing term has finished in FRG.