Easter weekend with an additional two days off to take care of some things. Didn’t quite go according to plan – oh well.

Bowling on Good Friday – WWJD? I’m sure he’d have enjoyed a drink and the chance to knock over some pins had Judea its own bowling alley. I was kinda “meh” about it. Once again, before the bowling, the situation over phones had degenerated into a war of wills over the last message sent (why people have to have the last word it something that just gets real old real quick). So I was already disengaging rapidly from wanting to go. But I dutifully headed over to Stratford albeit an hour early as I wanted to browse a few stores. The £25 high-street vouchers from work were burning a hole in my pocket y’see. I went around all the shops that the vouchers were good for, or at least that were present in Westfield and in the end, I bought Labyrinth on blu-ray (the deal was 5 blu-rays for £30 and that was the only one I liked/wanted) + a new Xbox One game, Fallout 4 which…I’m now hooked on.
The bowling itself, I finished second in both games we played. Didn’t quite break 100 but did better in the second game compared with the first. It was clearly the influence of the Root Beer float. The alley was pretty crowded being full of kids and a pretty raucous party on the next lane. Then we went over to Balans for something to eat – pretty weak menu, all things considered. I had a small mound of mashed potato topped with mozzarella cheese (weird) and broccoli. Although it was perfectly edible, it just felt like a combo you’d have with leftovers in the fridge. Should have insisted we went to the Real Greek as was the initial first impulse.

It took me a while to try out my new purchase – my other recent Xbone games have been largely left untouched, games such as The Escapists: The Walking Dead, Zombi etc and so I’m reluctant to delve in. However, I quickly found that I lost the weekend to Fallout 4 – that’s the thing with the current generation of console, the sheer amount of processing power means massive games to explore and delve in. I spent more time roaming the landscape than actually doing what I need to be doing. I’ll post some proper comments soon, once I actually do something meaningful! 

Board Gaming Monday: received an invite to board games at J & S’s in Clapham. We played Room 25 and Bohnanza, a German card game set around planting beans. It was more fun than I made it sound. It wasn’t a bad evening all in all although the weather was particularly ugly. That said, with the sun and the rain, a particularly vivid double rainbow was formed. 

Quiz Tuesday: Don’t know where we finished up, or rather, don’t recall (not a top 3) but it was a nasty, nasty quiz. The sorts of questions that someone found randomly on Wikipedia and thought “I’ll just ask that”. It was more guesswork than anything else. Also had a really bad pint of red lager. It was tepid and devoid of flavour. And I’ve come to enjoy red lager too. Must Try Harder.

Bowling Wednesday: twice in the space of a week, I know. This time it was with a few former colleagues and we took time off to do it. Again, back to Stratford as we like that alley. Again, came second in both games. More root beer and had an airmail cocktail: Bacardi gold, honey, lime and prosecco. Rather not bad.

Back to Work Thursday: it struck me, what an gynocracy I’m now working in when all but two desks of our allocated ration (stupid hot-desking) were occupied by the Valkyries. Doesn’t make for a great workplace however, it’s devoid of conversation (apart from when the attention-seeker squawks about nothing in particular) and only the sound of old keyboards being bashed can be heard.


Quick gaming news: almost at the end of the latest Adventure Capitalist special event (easter/spring). It’s had a nice little quirk, kind of in line with the Martian bonus but applicable to one row only which has helped. Finished it on my iPhone 48 hours into the event, iPad finished with a few hours to go. Star Trek Timelines has launched its first event – holodeck characters coming to life and bonuses awarded for clearing them successfully. Getting bored of clicker heroes now I’ve almost got all of the deities batting for my team. Ah well.