Was in Swansea Thursday/Friday last week but not for Beaujolais day (though that did inspire me to root out the relevant scene from Abigail’s Party). Work purposes and had a great lunch in Jack’s café. Anyway, whilst waiting for my train, I had a spare hour and treated myself to a copy of Star Wars Battlefront which had just been released. 

Had a few games at the weekend, haven’t formed an overall opinion yet but here’s what I do want to share:

First – there’s no story, no narrative. That was a great part of Battlefront 2, the story of the 501st troopers. The game is mostly aimed at online gamers with a few solo-type missions which feel more thrown in as training missions. Second, it feels that luck plays more of a factor than skill. Whomever spots another player first is generally the one to kill them. And there’s no taking cover from shots apart from manoeuvre which seems daft given the maps and how much junk and debris there is on a map. The aerial combat is alright though I think auto locking on makes it a bit overly simple. And secondary weapons have a ridiculously long recharge time considering an X-Wing is supposed to carry 6 torpedoes which can be dual-linked. I think Rogue Leader on the Gamecube is a much better multiplayer experience for space combat.

The graphics are wonderful and the game plays very smoothly, even with 20 people duking it out on a map with all sorts of explosions and running around of sprites. The sounds are the usual Star Wars fare, I don’t think any new music has been written especially for the game. The voice acting was also good – the old voice actors doing our beloved characters. Battlefront is a fun game and worth a play but it’s only a middling experience and doesn’t feel like a particularly _worthy_ addition to the series. I may change my mind with expansions but there’s a fair amount that just needs fixing.

Speaking of Abigail’s Party, does anyone else think that Lawrence willed himself to die at the end when Beverley said that she was going to stay with him?