Someone unhelpfully pointed out that there were fewer than forty days until Xmas today. I told them, in florid terms, what they could do to themselves, involving anatomical impossibilities. I did walk past Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park last night. It isn’t open as yet but I think they’re almost ready to dazzle the public with the usual high-priced entertainments. The lights looked nice though and from a distance, the ride which is a sheer drop looked like the top of le Tour Eiffel. Of course I wouldn’t have liked to have been on any of them given last nights very strong winds. Hard to believe how so many trees were still clinging on to their leaves. Snowdrops were pushing their way up through the grass in Archbishops Park. Oh dear…

Last weekend was the double-gaming sessions of Saturday and Sunday. Jackbox 2 pack…we played all five games between ten or so of us. There was another bluffing game like in the first pack, another drawing game but with an auction twist. A bomb defusing game (not entirely unlike Keep Talking…), a sound effects game and Quiplash which is effectively a rude version of Blankety Blank. I think most of us are going to hell as a result of the game but as that is most of our likely destinations…meh. 

Sunday’s board games were also good – held in the Ruby Lounge at the Griffin. Most of the old favourites, some new ones: Ca$h & Gun$, Zombie Dice, DC Deck Building, Avalon, Coup. We also played Shadow Hunters (for me, the first time) and the Hunters won. I managed to kill off three of our enemies (we played an eight player game) as Egon (Gregor?) from the Ghostbusters. Ultimately lasted ten hours in a gaming orgy before staggering home, utterly drained by it. No wonder chess players can expend 5000 calories in a match (or whatever the claim was).

Downloaded the backwards compatibility patch for the Xbone. Haven’t downloaded any of my already owned games but I’m not sure about the new aesthetic for the operating system. In honesty, I preferred the O/S of the 360. Also, the avatar store is more than a little incomplete with nothing new to enjoy. Or at least not yet, have to point that out. What I did succeed in was finishing episode 3 of the Walking Dead: Season One. The new characters…yeah, not huge fans and I was hoping the fuel truck would have blown up instead of burn and do nothing.

I’m also going to shamelessly plug a book that a work colleague co-authored: Fat Kid Stuck in a Flume (Ian Edwards and Paul Waller). It’s only available on Kindle at the moment (other ebook formats are promised and possibly print too) for £2.99. I haven’t bought it, I’m waiting for the iBooks version. But knowing Eddo, it’ll be twisted! And having heard someone read an extract from it, I heard one of my lines being read out.