Firstly, a comment on the US Presidential Elections – specifically, the Ben Carson comment about the Pyramids being used to store grain and people wondering why he came up with the comment. Clearly, he must be a massive Civ 2 fan as we civfanatics all know that for 200 shields, completion of the Pyramids will give you a free Granary in each of your cities. In Civ 3…think the cost was the same for the same effect.

Secondly, time to be sexist. The dictionary, or at least ones here in Britland, have added “manspreading” to the text, a word meaning men who sit on public transport (though I guess any form of communal seating) with their legs wide apart so as to prohibit/inhibit other people from sitting down or as a form of passive/aggressive posturing. Usually in the form of complaint from women who frequently retort about not wanting to see a man’s package. Well, as a man I would like to offer a rejoinder – chickspreading. When women get onto crowded public transport refusing to remove bags from arms/shoulders so that they take up far more standing room than they need and inhibit other people from getting onto trains and buses. Secondary definition – where women wear bags on shoulders when they are seated, constantly digging into one’s arms/torsos etc.

It was another sedate weekend last weekend, possibly with an eye on this coming weekend which may well be megabusy. Saturday was given over to the fine art of gaming – mostly GTA online but I downloaded Star Trek: Trexels on the iPad as the advert piqued my interest. Good fun but there’s a lot of grinding required to progress the game. It’s a freemium piece of software and as it’s getting a fair amount of play, decided to buy some of the stuff, as y’know. I wish there was a proper instruction manual for the game however. If one of the tutorial lessons doesn’t register, you might miss out on a vital game function.

Actually, most of next week will be busy – lots of stuff happening, will end the week with an overnight in Swansea and possibly start with another overnight in Brussels. And there’s an outside chance of a work-related Berlin trip. Just sold a week’s leave from the surplus so there’s a wad of cash coming up for the end of January. The life of a jet-set playboy I don’t think. 

Going back to GTA – I finally made my character buy a rocket launcher (hideously expensive – at least according to my meagre budget) but I’d been getting tired of the die-hards with jets flying over Los Santos blowing the hell out of the city and coincidentally, me. At least I can fight back and bought down three fighter jets on Sunday, much to their considerable annoyance I’m sure. My little thug is now at rank 55. Game keeps crashing though for some reason as of late, once right in the middle of an event so I get a “bad sport” rating. S’not fair.