Sunday’s extra hour has already gone to waste – normally I can make the effect stretch out for a week (i.e. waking up earlier without feeling muzzy) but have already undone that by pushing things too hard. It’s only Thursday ffs. 

Sweeping through the gamer’s world is Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes on Steam. The premise – person is in an office with a bomb which can only be defused by solving a series of puzzles. The kicker is that other players have the manual and you cannot see it so they have to talk you through the process. The puzzles range from relatively simple to evil incarnate but once you get to grips with the mechanics, it’s a very challenging game that leaves you feeling all smug and superior when you successfully defuse the bomb. I can see all sorts of ways that this could be enhanced – the next big thing for 2016?

We’ve also been playing Room 25 + Second Season expansion a fair amount. A cross between the Canadian film “The Cube” and Betrayal at the House on the Hill, the idea is to explore 25 rooms to get the prisoners to the exit. The game has a co-operative mode and a competitive mode, naturally we’ve been playing the competitive mode in which some of the prisoners are actually guards trying to scupper the escape attempt through betrayal and misdirection. Sunday was a particularly good showing; Scott who unsurprisingly was the traitor twice in three games, made a mad move which Joey called him out on and had him executed by the end of the first turn. Had he not been Franck (the character), it’d have been Joey who’d have gone bye-bye. My contribution was to ensure that Brendan ended up in the chamber of fire through rigging the grid.

Also had a game of Shadows over Camelot last night whilst eating posh cheese (cheese flavoured with orange liqueur). For the first time in ages, the good guys actually won – we managed both Excalibur and the Grail quests, won a punch up against the Picts and defeated the Black Knight whilst losing Lancelot’s Armour (there were only four players) and a fight against the Saxons. Alex A was the traitor (BOO), he was one of my two suspects. The other naturally, was Scott.

 So, Barbara Windsor has been in the news saying that people who don’t wear poppies can sod off. As her contribution to world culture has been to hawk online bingo gaming whilst dressed in a pantomime costume for the last couple of years, I’m not certain how serious we should be taking her. Choice of work attire aside, I’m totally with Jon Snow (the news reader, not the GoT character) on this one about “poppy fascism”. I’ll happily give to charity collections, but I don’t actually want the poppy, or the ribbon, or the wristband, or the badge, or any other piece of crap you’re encouraged to wear to show how virtuous/righteous/smug you are. I agree that promoting awareness is a good thing but think there’s more outreach potential in media messages, websites & talks than wearing anything that’ll end up as landfill. And then when you get insulted (publicly) for not wearing something – well far-q. Sympathy plummet. 

I’m one of those who thought the Coalition Government in the last Parliament wouldn’t last out the first year because of the fundamental differences between the parties involved. So I was quite surprised when the House of Lords inflicted two defeats on the proposed changes to tax credits. I did enjoy the quote on Sky News (clearly they know who their customers are) which said something along the lines of “Andrew Lloyd-Webber flies in to vote to ensure that poor people stay poor”. The whole thing is just great to us sadists.