Today, a capsule review of last week. 

Feel free to tune out

The pub was absolutely rammed last Tuesday night at the quiz; there was a birthday party and a leaving do occurring simultaneously with the quiz and some really noisy teams in. One selfish turd was vaping whilst people were eating (I don’t like the smell so object to whatever particles land on my food) – the smoking ban was the best thing EVER and businesses, particularly those where food is involved, should extend this ban. But then I would say that. We came second in the quiz, winning four large shopping bags from poundland. I chose the one with the pretzel design, because y’know…

Temperatures outside have dropped rapidly in the past few days, must be time for the trees to drop their leaves and for Westminster City Council to not body sweeping them up until people start to fall over from the sap spread all over the pavement, he said hyper-cynically. It’s caused windows at home to be mostly closed though you can still hear the urban foxes cackling at 3am like the red-demons that they are (next time I see Animals of Farthing Wood, I’m going to cheer when the fox cops it).

I’ve been really getting into GTA online the last couple of weeks, the complete freedom to do as you wish with regard missions etc has been a strangely…liberating kind of experience. The joys of proper, well thought out sandbox gaming together with regular new content = very happy gamers. My character is a mere Thug imbut I’m getting familiar with the nuances of the game and can hold my own in death duels. Can even win races too! Problem is at home, the connection drops when you do anything else that requires the interweb (i.e. watch TV). Might be time to upgrade (back) to fiber optic bb but if we’re going to be kicked out in five months, best wait.

Last Friday, Brendan and Stephano came around for some gaming – the idea was to try the Strange Relics expansion for Eldritch Horror but ideally that game needs a critical mass of about 4, 5 or 6 people so we played Age of Mythology instead. It was nice to have the nostalgia trip to a game not played in over a year. I was the norse and alas Frosty the Snow Giant was felled by an Egyptian Spearman. I did better at King of Tokyo; cannot believe it was Brendan’s first time playing that.