It was an utterly foul day outside on Monday – I don’t know what time the rain started but from the evidence of very deep puddles and overly saturated soil, it must have been a while. It was coat and hoodie weather, jeans were soaked within three minutes of leaving the house and for the first time in a year, I felt compelled to get the bus to work. Yup, yesterday’s equinox has brought with it a host of lousy weather. I don’t mind the rain, just not when I’m going to or coming from work, or at lunchtimes when I’m out and about. 

Sunday’s gaming at Draughts was the usual co-operative & bluffing mayhem. We played several games of Coup and Resistance, Avalon, King of Tokyo, Cash n Guns, Betrayal, Shadows over Camelot and…I think that was the lot. I think I ended up the betrayer more than the hero in Resistance and it’s just good to sit back and watch other people tearing seven shades of…hell out of each other. It’s exactly what happened at Karl’s and you just need to point a few fingers to sow a little dissent. Spent far too much; I cannot help but wonder whether they deliberately increased the temperature in the venue to increase drink sales. An old trick but effective.

 As for the other half of the weekend, I felt so knackered on Saturday, I decided to spend the day on the couch watching dvds and advancing GTA V. Did the diving quest which was very relaxing, swimming with dolphins and shooting the occasional shark. Also fired up GTA Online but the wretched connection kept dropping (the perils of being the host) and rage quit after a while. This fortnight’s free game on the bone is Tomb Raider – ugh Lara Croft. Just never got into the series. I haven’t checked out the free 360 game as yet. Sunday also happened to mark sixteen years a bureaucrat. Sixteen years – it’s just obscene, it’s pitiful that my longest relationship is with my employer. 

 So, Xmas is coming and I think we’ve gotten a venue for the annual lunch. I’m pleased to say that a little needling and a few words whispered in the right ears has meant we’re going to somewhere which doesn’t have a traditional platter of turkey. Although we are eating Turkish at Tas near Waterloo station. Only one person has had a temper tantrum at it but this person never goes to Xmas lunches. The alternative was a really poor choice of venue only chosen because it was cheap. I’m looking forward to a great big old Meze with a vegetarian Moussaka. With some Retsina.

 Speaking of the season that begins with the letter X, aside from some non-offensive tubs of chocolate placed near the door in the supermarket, shops have been remarkable quiet on the tinsel front. Even Hallowe’en hasn’t had much of a look in this year thus far except in John Lewis where a tiny corner of the confectionary section is decked in orange and black. Is 2015 the year of the muted celebration?