An eclectic blog entry today, sign of mental restlessness.

Retro Gamer this month has an in-depth look at the Neo-Geo. That’s one of the few games consoles I’ve yet to actually play. I barely remember the games available in stores like Electronics Boutique though I do recall the extortionate price tags. And that video game shop that used to be upstairs in Broadmarsh centre in Nottingham had a sizable section (before it became Forbidden Planet). I don’t recall anyone at school who owned one either. We were firmly in the SNES/Megadrive/Amiga camps with the odd Gameboy thrown in for good measure. Reviewed games in magazines always left us drooling however, as did those from the 3DO console which again, just did not penetrate the market in the same way as other machines. I probably played on the Neo Geo arcade cabinet in Quasar or Laser Quest back in the day, so many 10 pence pieces lost to Metal Slug…

I’ve also been amusing myself by looking around for properties around the two thousand square foot mark for my café. Alas, the only suitable places are not in the target areas. This is all still pie in the sky at the moment and there are months to go but any potential action can be taken. You are forced to wonder though why there simply aren’t any more commercial premises available in this damn city (which aren’t grotty shop frontages). Except after three seconds wondering, you quickly realise that if it remains empty for three seconds, some developer comes in and erects overpriced flats.

Feel I have to slam Disney today (and not the Vauxhall slang sense of the word). T’other day they announced a list of upcoming films and they all appear to be remakes of classics. Does this company have any original ideas left or are they going to get through the next decade coasting on previous successes? There are (a) plenty of other original/classic stories to adapt and (b) should consider taking a chance on new ideas. And that’s leaving aside their stable of original characters who haven’t been seen in features for quite some time. It’s just galling how a number of large corporations don’t drive innovation anymore and are content to rest on their laurels. Or just rip off the ideas of their competitors.Came second in the quiz and for once, I wouldn’t have minded the Berry Cider prize rather than the endless bottles of Magners I’ve got stacked up at home. And they took the Halloumi burger/stack off of the menu much to my general chagrin. It was rather amusing to see Alex all loved up but resisted the urge to needle him about it. Maybe later, when there’s a bigger audience.

Thoughts on Corbyn’s victory? Only one, “principled” politician seems to have reversed or changed his position on many issues within seventy-two hours of election. And people throw charges of “cynical” my way as if that word was a weapon.

It’s sad to watch a tape of Wrestlemania VII which graced our screens a little over twenty years ago. So many participants have gone to the giant ring in the sky. I know being a modern day wrestler isn’t exactly a recipe for long life and happiness but you cannot help but wonder if there isn’t more support for the performers. I can’t help but wonder if the higher than expected attrition rate isn’t the reason why the belts seems to swap around way more than they used to, to give everyone their moment in the spotlight rather than being perennial jobbers and mid-card types.