Once again, I have a spell of leave and my ability to compose a blog goes right out of the window. Get back into a routine and I can type again.

My latest addiction – Clicker Heroes. Another game with ridiculously high numbers, not much to do and yet it’s hard to tear myself away. Premise is simple. You’re presented with a monster. Click the mouse or touchscreen on the monster and you do damage. Do enough damage and it dies, giving you a small amount of coin. Then repeat. After killing ten monsters, you advance a level; advance five levels to reach a boss and every ten levels, a new “world” (read background change with different monsters).But what makes the game more appealing in my eyes are the other bits – the allies, the relics, the skills, the ancients, hero souls and the like. The game simply cannot be played by just clicking monsters, you need to recruit allies who lend their strength to yours and who can be powered up. Relics are available after level 100 which give you a random power. Skills are available from certain allies who boost your clicking power, coin collecting abilities, ally power etc. Hero Souls are granted for each 2000 ally power-ups purchased and from killing bosses from level 100 onwards and each Hero Soul boosts ally damage by 10%. Ancients are purchased by exchanging Hero Souls and each one provides a very different bonus. Bonuses granted from Ancients can be improved by exchanging more Hero Souls. Each ten levels after level 100 will gild an ally, giving them a permanent 50% bonus to damage for each gild. And finally, once one of your allies reaches level 150 (I’m not saying who), you can ascend the world to start again but with all of your bonuses intact and you collect/use any Hero Souls amassed. Why would you do this? The Hero Souls are the most important currency of the gain and restarting allows you to collect them all from the beginning.

The numbers – they’re all hypnotic. You just cannot tear your eyes away from them and like AdVenture Capitalist, the game calculates cash earned when not playing so overnight you can rake in large amounts of in-game currency. And you’re patiently watching for the time you can afford that next vital upgrade, not aware that time is slipping from your fingers. And now the damn thing is available on mobiles as well as Steam…I’ve no chance.

Went to Draughts on the Bank Holiday, tried 7 Wonders and came joint first as well as playing Skull, Dominion, Betrayal, that coloured chess-type game, Avalon and Coup. I still would like to try Twilight Struggle but had to forego the attempt this time. Ah well…

My week out of the office was otherwise quiet. Trapped in a Room with a Zombie was the first thing on the Friday. We succeeded with eighteen minutes left on the clock. I think there were fewer puzzles than Hint Hunt but it was still fun nonetheless. Again, trying not to spoil the game but it was certainly more physical and the sight of Alex scuttling up the wall is one I won’t be forgetting for a while.

The incessant rain kept me indoors for a good chunk of the week but I managed to finish GTA IV: Ballad of Gay Tony and made more progress in the Lost and the Damned. But finally fired up GTA V – dialogue notwithstanding, it’s been very not bad. The cars are much more smooth on the road, the variety of additional stuff (trading shares and buying property) is a welcome move. Having trouble flying the planes however, the controls are too…finicky. I also got a hold of a copy of Resident Evil Revelations 2 although I was less enamoured with that as I was the original. Visibility is bad and one of the characters is so annoying, you don’t want to save her, you just want to push a bullet in her to stop her whining. Unsympathetic protagonist.

Think that’s just about it for this update. Keeping it simple.