Officially past it – the news of the Nintendo NX Console (ominous name – Star Trek: Enterprise had a ship in the NX range and the less said about the USS Excelsior (NX-2000) in Search for Spock the better) completely passed me by until a friend pointed it out. So some furious checking of the few facts and omnipresent scuttlebutt leads me to the following conclusions.

  1. There was an announcement
  2. The announcement said nothing
  3. People are speculating

You can see why I was never destined for a career in the sciences.

However, we do know that Nintendo has been trying to save themselves from the abyss lately, particularly with their tie-ups with licensing and other mobile platforms which may provide clues and their past behaviour has certainly helped spur technological innovation. My conclusion? I can’t help but feel that they’re working on a successor to the Virtual Boy in some form – possibly with full VR augmentation. What we do know is that they’re not (immediately) dropping the Wii U or the 3DS so any new product they’re about to launch onto the market has to have a new hook, otherwise why buy the new console? And Nintendo are working on facial recognition software with a developer so there’s another hint. Although the recent E3 show didn’t make waves with VR, that may be because other companies aren’t willing to bet the farm on such a technology. However, it’s entirely within the realms of possibility that Nintendo, who have not said much on the subject, are quietly working on their own version but one which can incorporate additional features like face recognition. I can see it working for games like Animal Crossing as a main feature and possibly overlaying emotions onto characters in other sorts of games (which will no doubt spawn several billion YouTube videos with oh-so hilarious face pulling routines). Debatable as to whether it’d be a feature with staying power or not.

Of course, I’m just as likely to be wrong. More Virtual Console releases please.