Arkham Knight released today. Gonna wait until payday next week to go out and shop recklessly cos…y’know.

Do people actually – in their first playthrough – sit with a notepad or laptop/tablet and actually go composing game guides from the first second? Because I suspect the first partially released entry on gamefaqs or similar to be ready to browse by Thursday morning (BST). And also sit there with smart phones so they can upload playthroughs to YouTube and Twitch? It seems to suck all the joy out of gaming, just to be the “first”.

I didn’t know the Steam Summer Sale was on until it was too late. My attention is either focussed on the Xbox or my Laptop with occasional nostalgia spells on the 3DS. Treated myself to Talisman purchases (all expansion packs & most characters) but went no further than that. I note that Brendan bought a season pass – cool. It’s not that the sale didn’t interest me but I can’t guarantee I’ll be playing those games any time soon. It’s just finding the time to fit it all in and I have difficulty indulging in marathons. Ah well…

More from the newsdesk of Risk Legacy et al: board games went off quite nicely on Saturday. I won one game (by spidering), Rupert won a second, then we played King of Tokyo (first one to die), Pointless (won one, lost one) and Walk the Plank (committed suicide, stupidly). We had to have two fans going at once as it was so sticky and humid on Saturday. Though the rain did cool everything down more than a little. Food was good, Claire brought an overripe Brie which had turned to mush. It was fantastic, great stuff. Too much cider and beer was consumed but this is not a bad thing, merely an observation. Also managed my first online game of Talisman with Brendan which took about two hours (I was the Warrior, he was the Valkerie). Bit slow though, particularly as the AI seemed to take forever.

Sunday – woke up early, played some GTA (failed on the three leaf clover twice – once by abandonment, second by absorbing too many bullets) before picking through the remnants of Saturday’s beige buffet. Went to the sauna for a massive sweat (the sort that eradicates all pimples and blackheads) and went home again. Must have been ultra-successful as I couldn’t stop drinking water when I got home. Then back to the buffet and the GTA’ing. Nice to sandwich the day like that. 

Summer leave is all booked, I’ve realised that I have a few Eurostar vouchers I need to spend by October so will be looking for a few days away around then rather in the next two months. Amsterdam was last year so might try Köln this year for a couple of days. Probably won’t book anything for over my four weeks off, chiefly as August Tax will be in play. If I do go anywhere, it’ll be on this island. I think it’ll be just enjoying the downtime and maybe making a few plans/developing a business case depending on the content of the Budget next month.

Should be a fairly innocuous week ahead. We have one of our quiz prizes on Thursday – London Underground Treasure Hunt. And some good news ahead, Baby Jane Hudson is leaving the office (my private nickname for a hated colleague). Will not be missed, not one iota. Can’t say I’m looking forward to the moustache parade coming up for this Saturday. More noisy idiots using it as an excuse to indulge in gross excess – usually drink over drugs but I suspect the ratio isn’t all _that_ different. Must be a dealer’s paradise.