Wednesday. Mittwoch. Mercredi. Middle of the week, named after Odin (Wodin, to use his Saxon name) and really the realisation that two days off of work is coming up. Of course if you’re on your holiday, it’s the realisation that you’ll be back in the office soon. For me, it’s another peak day in the office where most of the desks are filled, calendars are chocka with meetings but the staff restaurant usually offers something interesting to try and tempt you to part with your cash. Something good always happens on a Wednesday and today – I’ve an extra-positive vibe going on. Not sure what but might buy double the usual amount of lottery tickets for tonights quadruple rollover.

Quiz last night. Came second. Won yet more fairy dolls which we just left in the pub. If I had a car, I’d have melted them down to reclaim the plastic as petrol (I know that’s not how it works but there has to be a better use for increasingly rare resources than poundland garbage). Alex finally convinced me to download Plague Inc – managed to wipe out most of humanity with my “Slippery” bacterium except 2 million in Saudi Arabia. I’m determined to win on normal and not cheat by going down to easy difficulty. 

It was brought to my attention (and one of the parties involved reads this blog) that someone posted some spoilers about a well known TV show on their Facebook page and despite the usual warnings in the post, another person read them and took…particular exception to what was written. However, the person objecting to the spoilers torrents/illegally downloads the show so it’s not as if they are in a position to complain, really. The hypocrisy in these situations never fails to amaze; why do people feel such a compelling urge to annotate their favourite shows and films on twatter [sic]?

VG Comments from E3:

Xbone – about bloody time. Backwards compatibility is the main reason I haven’t upgraded before now and lost market share has finally forced Microsoft to do what they should have done at the start. Word to the wise – “Lessons Learned”.

Battlefront 3 – Hurry up EA.

Oculus – not convinced as a general tool but as a tool for niche games (flight sims, driving sims, rollercoaster tycoon… who knows?). Wait – wasn’t Oculus one of the Madballs?

Comments about innovation – partially agree, but don’t ignore the history either. A good product is a good product, regardless of source.