Played a four player game of Talisman last night with Paul, Dr Do(o)m and Brendan – the latter winning as the Dark Cultist and everyone ignoring my advice to kill him quickly. We had out the City and Dungeon expansion packs as well as the usual Reaper and Frostmarch packs. Just about managed to fit it all on the dining table but I think we’re going to have to occupy bigger premises to try again properly. I’m proud (and slightly ashamed) to say that my slave-driving habits managed to get us through the game completely. Though at the expense of appearing bully-like.

Speaking of Talisman, the iOS version of Sacred Pool expansion has just been released. Snapped it up and played my first game – hadn’t really paid attention to the overall gameplay changes but different Warlock Quest rewards is nice and having stables is a nice twist (separate to the City). Wasn’t allocated one of the new characters (and didn’t want to rig the game either). Looking forward to exploring it further.

I’ve fallen into my usual trap having stuck with GTA IV of getting caught up in the side missions and ignoring the main storyline. With GTA Chinatown Wars, it was the buying and selling of narcotics. With Scarface, it was doing the coke distributions missions for megabucks. And now with this game, it’s the taxi driving. There’s something just so calming about listening to “The Journey” Radio station and carrying fares around Liberty City. But I think that’s a hallmark of a good game, when one of the subgames can be as involving as the main line. Bully’s subgames like the newspaper deliveries or kart races just didn’t quite have the same level of appeal and the Godfather omitted this feature entirely.

Looking ahead to the weekend, no plans other than birthday gift buying. Not sure precisely what to get people but if they give me no inspiration, they’re getting something they’re guaranteed not to like. Like one of those foot scrapers that they’re hawking on TV. That’ll learn ‘em. Probably a little Talisman, a little GTA and maybe a proper Sunday lunch, Joe style (i.e. lots of courgette, aubergine and sweet potato). The rain later on today will be welcome and hopefully a huge shock to those foolishly without umbrellas.

Read on the news about Dusty Rhodes. Another giant falls…although in talking it over with Smithy at work, there’s more than a few of the 80s wrestlers still alive and kicking. I thought most of them had gone to the Battle Royale in the sky. When you play an older game like WCW vs NWO Revenge Tour on the N64, you are astounded to realise that half the roster is dead.

BBC Newsbeat – what is the correct way of pronouncing bath? Bath or Barth? They say – annoyingly enough – it’s Barth. Crap. There is no “r” in bath, so why so people feel the need to insert one? People in the north of the UK, Americans, Australians, Kiwis all say Bath, we’re right and the BBC is wrong. GET OVER IT.