Five C64 Games that ought to have a 21st century remake/update:

Spy vs Spy: The ultimate duel/puzzle game for the 8-bit era which was pathetically facile in single player mode but still caused a whole bunch of laughs in two-player and its two sequels. Mad Magazine’s spies would hunt around for their objective before trying to escape, simultaneously sabotaging each other’s efforts with a variety of traps.
This game would be best remade on the Wii U – one spy playing on the tv, the other spy playing on the control pad so that you cannot see what the other spy is doing. And with the potential for more elaborate traps, inventories and objectives, hours of multiplayer fun could be had. 

Raid Over Moscow: Cold War gone hot… Raid Over Moscow was an excellent title back in the day, a hybrid game (which was all the rage back then) of flight sim/flight action and ground action. Rushing to destroy nuclear missile launch sites before they destroyed US cities before taking the fight to the Kremlin made for a challenging game.

The biggest drawback was that all the missile sites were identical, presumably as to code different sites would have taken too much memory but this wouldn’t be a problem for today’s hardware. Furthermore, the attack on the Kremlin and the nuclear reactor stage were single screen efforts, again there’s potential to update these sections with a desperate fight to the heart of the enemy’s war machine – even stealth sections would be a good fit.

This could be ported as a mid-range title, exclusive to Xbox Live or Playstation Store as a suggested format.

Quake Minus One: Hard to describe the format of this game, definitely a real time strategy but not in the tried and tested isometric format that most RTS games are in these days. The premise is interesting; a geothermal power plant on the mid-Atlantic ridge crewed exclusively by robots has been hijacked by a pro-robot rights group threatening to use the plant to trigger an earthquake threatening half the planet through tidal waves. Control over one of the five computers governing the plant has been re-established and the player has to use its robots to re-establish control over the rest of the facility before time expires.

The game had a great deal of potential which was marred by a clunky control system and inefficient maneuvering. But today, it would play great on anything with a touchscreen or with mouse control. Also, it feels like more puzzle sections would be good, even reminiscent of Paradroid rather than basic combat. Icons could be made more user friendly so you know what you’re doing.

Gribbly’s Day Out: Cutsey pseudo-platformer which has elements of Pikmin or Lemmings but with way more action. This would really benefit from being put into 3D, kinda like Buck Bumble on the N64 but rescuing Gribblets from the beasts of the land would be a fun little budget game filled with all sorts of fiendish traps, powerups and the like. 

The Last Ninja: One of the best games produced on the C64, the Last Ninja is an action/puzzle game which is just begging for a remake. Usual premise, villain has something the ninja wants, ninja travels across the country to get it wiping out half the people and beasts in the land just to get it. It really did push the limits of the C64, boasting a fully isometric adventure compared with most of the 2D side scrolling games of the time. The game’s music is also fondly remembered by aficionados of the era.

Last Ninja could be remade as an Action or Adventure RPG, a stealth game or even as a MMORPG with enough imagination behind it. Has enough potential to be a top seller so could be a AAA title if that was the way one wanted to go, not entirely unlike Assassin’s Creed but with more fantastic elements to the game.

I’d also add Dizzy as number 6 on the list.