Appointment with F.E.A.R. – still cannot finish the video game successfully. As I recall, being able to determine the final meeting could be done from a variety of sources, or at least according to the book. The video game adaptation appears to be fairly linear so if you miss one vital clue, there’s no chance you can succeed. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to work out where the vital clues are yet even though I know how to beat the book.

Dead Island – have decided to return to this zombie hack and slash game, chiefly as I haven’t finished it yet but also having dithered for the first time playing through, missing a lot and otherwise not getting the point, I’d like to try it more aware of what I need to do in the game. It’s still a decent enough game which causes no end of amusement when you consider all the funny ways zombies can end up as fish bait. Or as tvtropes might say, the fridge horror when you realise how many innocent people you’ve killed just to save your sorry self.

 Have I shared my latest madcap idea with the blogosphere? Probably not.

 Am giving very strong deliberation to putting in an application for redundancy if/when they get offered at work again owing to impending cuts. Having enjoyed the sights and sounds of Draughts and Loading, I would like to join those two venues and open up my own place, preferably south of the river. I know a wee bit about games, I know what people like/don’t like and respond to/don’t respond to. I’ve a few ideas of my own which I think could make any venture I ran stand out as different rather than being a clone and London certainly is large enough to support a third (fourth if you count the Sports Bar) similar venue, particularly if there are enough differences in the set-up.

 That’s not to say I’d want to drive the others out of business and be king of games in London – peaceful coexistence is definitely the way to go. But the biggest source of complaint with the other two venues is that they are in an area of London which isn’t the easiest to get to and I think a more central location would work even better, particularly if bigger premises can be secured. Hell, I’ve been teasing myself looking at the odd commercial premises online to see what’s available. Already seen an ideal location.

 Why’d I want to do this? Chance to do something for myself, chance to have a job I can get squarely behind. It won’t be the mental marathons I otherwise run but I don’t think it’d cause the levels of frustration that the current role brings. Although I’m having horrible thoughts I may be lining myself up to make the same mistakes as a certain male relative who shall forever remain nameless. However, I’m not a moron, nor am I a klepto, so there’s a better chance of success.

 Well, it’s a dream at the moment. I have seen the perfect premises in Vauxhall but of course, it’d be gone by the time I were actually in a position to be doing anything. Still, it’s a more realistic dream than a lottery win or tripping an unclaimed brick made of platinum in the street.