First things first – who cast the voices for Batman vs Robin? Because they need to be fired for that blunder – just terrible, terrible voice acting, particularly Batman himself. You could feel the boredom as they read off the script. Second – the six minute video for Arkham Knight has only whetted my appetite. Though I’m not convinced by the Batmobile section (should a car be able to strafe?), the game play and the rest of what I saw appeared to have the makings of a damned fine game.

 And the rest – kind of an uneventful weekend. FP was full of the usual tourists with overly large bags who lack spatial awareness. Melissa’s bakery was not graced by my usual visit to NW1 and I’m sorry to say Marine Ices has gone the way of the dodo. Though the walk from home to Chalk Farm was pleasant enough on Saturday post-rain and many calories were expended. Sunday I forayed over to Saint Ratford, spent a few quid on some old Xbox games at Cex, bought cake, went home to play said games and eat said cake. That’s the sort of day I like.

 I have to say, I like what they’re doing with Spring Gardens in Vauxhall now it’s finally coming together. Although I remain unconvinced by the pulling down of the hills (except where the trees are – I kid you not), the rest of the landscuplting and improvements are making the place really nice. Unfortunately, it’s going to further gentrify the area, push out what made it unique and make the place another overpriced district. Have never been a fan of decentralisation but the more that is devolved to local authorities, the more they can resist the rubbish that central government come out with. The anti-squatting laws are case and point – I think that given the ongoing situation in the Ukraine, Ukrainians living in the UK should occupy property owned by Russians here, fully backed up the country at large, just to make a point. A few oligarchs whining is probably going to reach the Duma’s ears more than anything else.

 Going back to a point I wanted to make in an earlier post (the post was crap but this para was worth preserving), hard to believe that Harry Shearer is 71 years old! I found that harder to believe than him saying he’s quitting the Simpsons (which I suspect is a negotiating tactic). Though they really ought to retire the show – Bonanza’s record be damned. Or better yet, kill off Homer as a character. I mean, with each year he has gotten more and more unlikeable, more callous and just plain mean. Season 1 – he gets fired and feels that he’s failed as a father so contemplates suicide but his family rush out to stop him. Season 26, you’d think if they ran with that story a second time, his family would egg him on to throw himself off the bridge.