Two posts in two days, clearly on the mend.


Playing Age of Mythology HD, I finally beat seven opponents last night in a massive melee.  Granted I had to rig the game to islands and use the might of a navy to stop rivals smashing my Wonder (and the wonderful Rocs to send my citizens to other islands in order to harvest resources) but victory is a victory, right?  I’d never realised there was a “Lightning” setting to the game which makes it go so much more gloriously quicker.  Still worth a play, even after all these years.  Also made my first quadrillion in AdVenture Capitalist and a flurry of Angel Investors.


The new Wolfenstein game has just been released, sadly it isn’t on the 360, it’s on the 8th Generation consoles only.  Between that and Arkham Knight, upgrading to the next console is looking more and more…imminent.  Still, I think the B-Movie theme is a brilliant way to deliver this game, even if the trailer was all BJ stabbing Nazi’s in the head.  Which reminds me to tackle the growing backlog of games I keep downloading from Games with Gold and never getting around to play.


Dark Knight Returns III.  Does the story need to be told?  DKR2 was a worthy sequel in its way although there were more than a few gaps in the overall story.  But the dialogue remains interesting, the artwork different and the odd premise tossed into the mix makes you sit up and think.  Steel rods dropped from orbit as a weapon – scary stuff once you mull it over.  I continue to enjoy the blu-ray adaptation of DKR and hope that DC will greenlight DKR2 in the same fashion.  And Red Rain.


So, I read on Sky News today the story of the Australian woman who seemed to be stung into making a grovelling apology having branded someone she thought was taking a photo of her kids “a creep”, posting it online and then getting abuse because she got it completely wrong.  She said “It was never done with the intention of splashing it all over these social media pages”.  Bullshit – if you don’t want an audience, don’t post online because 7 billion people can potentially see it.  Whilst death threats to her is a vastly disproportionate response, my sympathies for her situation are less than zero.


I’m increasingly of the mind that social media just needs a basic intelligence test before profiles are allowed to be completed.