General Election: The Aftermath.  


My chosen candidate was not elected but did finish sixth.  Sufficed to say, I didn’t vote for one of the major parties this time around.  Glad KB was re-elected having fought another incredibly tough seat, otherwise fairly indifferent to the result.  The overall tone of the campaign left a lot to be desired, overwhelmingly negative, cynical and fear-mongering.  It wasn’t a case of “vote for us, we have the best ideas”, more a case of “vote for us, we’re not the other parties”.  Feel decidedly nonchalant about the process.  At least the London Mayoral campaign promises to be more interesting next year.


Post Election – still in the fall-out stage though a clearer picture is forming of how the next few years are going to shape up.  Although the government will probably last (albeit drawing on support from the Northern Irish Unionists towards the end of the term), I suspect there are going to be some rude shocks coming up for all.  There’s some understandable trepidation at how deep impending cuts will go as we are generally operating on a shoestring now.  One newspaper (I refuse to give it any sort of publicity by naming it) was saying lots of tax-cuts are impending; surely it makes more sense to keep tax levels as they are and pay off the debt faster, no?  Or are we going to continue to screw over the younger generation?


Other news: I managed to score another top mark for my end of year appraisal though as I’ve been warned/informed, I had the dubious honour of being the most discussed person in the entire group (over 120 staff).  Sufficed to say, it’s vindication for my policy of choosing my battles very carefully and striking up the right alliances.  It’s impossible to avoid office politics, that much is abundantly clear but playing the “game” can be done passively as well as actively.  Wondering what to do with the bonus money – if it’s like last year, it’ll be a nice chunk of cash and there’s a couple of items I’d like to get my grubby mitts on.


Gaming: been playing a bit of AdVenture Capitalist as it was a freebie on Steam and I ported it to my iPad.  Simple numbers game which manages to draw your attention by watching your profits roll in, making you richer and richer.  It also uses the internal computer clock to calculate how much is generated when you’re not playing which is a nice touch.  Worth a glance but by the time you’ve acquired all the achievements…yup, you’ll never look at it again.  Still playing Talisman, bought the Highland Expansion which new area of the board seems a lot more easy to navigate compared with the Dungeon.


C’est tout.