Tried two new board games last Wednesday night: Descent and Marrying Mr Darcy.


Descent – spiritual successor to Doom The Boardgame and put me in mind of Rivet Wars & Talisman/Eldritch Horror.  Can be played as single games or as part of a grand campaign which seems a great reselling value.  Simple premise – up to four heroes (two minimum) versus the evil overlord and his minions played over a series of map tiles with different units who have different abilities.  The heroes need to complete the quest conditions to win.  The evil overlord needs to stop the heroes from winning by messing them up as much as he can.


The rulebook was opaque in places and it took a while to figure out how the Monsters attack as the actual instructions were buried away in another paragraph rather than where they should have been or rather, where you’d have expected them to be.  Also, there was a lack of a glossary which again further served to obfuscate the instructions.  Once we figured out the basic game, we began to get to grips with the map.  Newer game concepts (such as the shop) are yet to come but has some promise.  The models were by far the biggest selling point and anoraks will enjoy painting them for further fun value.


Marrying Mr Darcy – card game where you play one of six women from Pride and Prejudice who are aiming to marry one of the six suitors from said book – each woman has an ideal partner worth more points assuming a successful match can be made and the player with the most points wins.  It was very simple to pick up and to play and is a nice, quick game which has a little backstabbing to it but for the most part is a case of every man (or in this case woman) for themselves.  Cards were very nicely designed and were all laminated which will increase the longevity of the set.  Not a bad little game, all in all.