It seems we may have dodged the bureaucrats bullet last week when Infraction Chefs in a stunning reversal agreed to take something off the menu. That means nothing to most of you but believe me that when we first heard of this on the menu, I had visions of the warehouse in Indiana Jones but filled with stacks of papers and files rather than boxes full of the mystical. Alas, it’s likely to be a deferral rather than an outright cancellation so the vision is still there but there are at least eight more lottery draws between now and next month so better get paying the moron tax.

Last week didn’t turn out quite as busy as was stated; couple o’ cancellations in the diary, most notably Risk Legacy on Thursday (gave me a chance to catch up on chores and swimming). We finally went to Harar restaurant in Vauxhall (the Ethiopian place). When I say we, I mean Daniel and Xian. How Daniel ate an entire bag of Ampelmänn sweets and still put away dinner is quite beyond me. Anyway, it was his first time eating Ethiopian and his Tripadvisor review says he enjoyed it. I liked it but it wasn’t as good as Kokob though the beer was pretty good. Service, a little slow but didn’t take anything away from the evening so I can live with it.

Quiz – came third (we confused Maggie Smith for Barbara Windsor – don’t ask). We won a bonus round, Tess Daly’s god-awful foray into fiction. I wrote better crap when I was eight, or at least from the bits that I could bring myself to browse before thinking of inventive ways to lose the book. Thing is, it’s a book – I can’t bring myself to render it so it might end up at the Charity Shop or accidentally left in the dentist’s waiting room on Friday when I go for the first of my two torture sessions. I am fairly certain she’d have written it herself, no ghost writer could be so appalling. Unless it was some D-Grade GCSE student being paid minimum wage.

Still with Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. Computer – a right cheating bar-steward. Take this instance – I clean a planet of Rebels, a planet cut off from supply lines and completely isolated. Decided to move back my fleet more or less straight away and magically, the planet is now protected by a small fleet. Where the hell did this come from? Such a frustrating game experience, that and the units that refuse to obey orders. Haven’t played much else, definitely been a board gaming month. I still cannot get past the tutorial on Total War Rome 2 – every time I try and take the city I’m told to, my forces always lose as somehow, the general ends up throwing himself on a spear in every battle and this is the DAMN TUTORIAL. Doesn’t bode well, really. Probably for the best, I’d only lose more of my life to the Creative Assembly’s offerings.

Watched a few films at the weekend – both Robert Downey Jr Sherlock Holmes offerings, El1zabeth and tried to watch Godfather Part 3 but got bored after 45 minutes and switched it off. Still haven’t been able to watch it in its entirety, it’s such a shameful, formulaic rehash of the first two films: open with a celebration, set the scene, discuss the current enterprise, suffer some form of treasonous set-back and then get revenge whilst experiencing personal tragedy. The end. Another unsatisfactory conclusion, not entirely unlike the Legacy of the Force series (which I’ve just finished re-reading through iBooks) and am still narked that Jaina Solo doesn’t sleep with the fishes. On Naboo. Honestly, she spends fifteen (chronological) years in the books being a complete bitch and then isn’t filleted for her trouble. And rumour has it, she’s going to be in the movie…