Pathetic – yet another lost draft. This should have gone up last Monday.

It’s half-term, Parliamentary recess and this means that this week should be nice n quiet, at least from the perspective of work. Socially, things are pretty involved this week – dinner, quiz, games, more games, birthdays…

Weekend recap: wasn’t impressed by the ugly downpours on Friday, had some vague ideas/plans to do stuff that evening but trudged my way home, crashed in and almost passed out. Had an hour with the lights off before rallying and thought about dinner. Later on, went for my first swim in a month (really need to get back into the routine) and managed sixty lengths before I gave up.

Saturday – started off with a slow day, ragging on Dr Do(o)m and his poor choice of…sleeping companion. Sufficed to say, we now have enough material to last three months of abuse and torture. Thought I’d run some errands in the afternoon, specifically selling my laptop and iPad to offset the cost of the new iPad. It took a little wrangling and chasing but managed to get £373 for both which is only £27 off my target/ambition. Whilst I was at Cex selling the laptop, I decided to use the last of my vouchers to buy Family Guy s14, Borderlands and Ghostbusters on blu-ray so spent most of that evening binging on the first of the list. In my defense, I had walked almost fifteen miles on Saturday in total (splitting foot in process) and after I sank into the couch, there was no way I was going to be getting up again.

Sunday – mostly a rest day with a brief intermission towards Clapham to go to the supermarket as all three bloody kitchen bulbs blew…one after the frigging other. And for a few other odds and sods. Probably should have kept feet up after Saturday’s marathon but hey ho. Decided to do an Empire at War campaign as the Empire for most of the day whilst doing chores and the like. Was supposed to have a date but yet again, was stood up. Oh. Little Lord Fontelroy decided to send a snottogram yesterday that managed to push all the right buttons. Felt like flinging my phone across the room when I read it, I was that incensed. Lord save me from the perpetually insecure; just because I have something of a life again…FFS.

Think that’s yer lot for today. I’m severely lacking in motivation and general interest. I think I need to book my time in Berlin for April, something in the diary to look forward to.