So after getting cheery from Risk Legacy on Monday, I dug out the Wii in a fit of gaming pique as I just had to do a Death Star Trench Run on Rogue Squadron 2. Had to – there was no two ways about it. Then forward to a raid on Bespin, refighting the Battle of Hoth and a quick skirmish over the forest moon of Endor. Ah – memories. Then last night – Rogue Squadron 3 (just too short a game imho), Star Trek Conquests and Star Wars Bounty Hunter. A small nostalgia fest for me, really. But man, I miss customising controls, particularly manipulation of camera axes. Whilst the Gamecube let you do the Y axis no probs, few games gave you x-axis manipulation.

Was noch? I finally got around to buying Nina Bunjevac’s Fatherland last night – an autobiography in the format of a graphic novel which I’ve had my eye on for some time. Tito’s Yugoslavia has been a minor interest of mine for some years and when I first saw the book in Waterstone’s on Piccadilly, my interest was piqued. But as per usual, my fiscal caution kicked in and has been doing so for a while. Saw it in FP so picked it up and took it to the cash desk before I changed my mind. Not gotten around to reading it yet, that’s a pleasure I’m saving for the weekend. I did however, browse the Star Wars comic books now under Marvel’s awful care. Saw what direction they’re clearly going to be going in so put them down in disgust but reassured by the fact that I made the right decision in not wanting to resume my purchasing.

There are eight days left of my current tenancy and we STILL have yet to receive the paperwork sorting out the new lease, despite paying the renewal fee back in what…November? Working in the public sector is a real annoyance at times – if I were to deliver at that level of pace, I’d be crucified and buried up to my neck in effluent whilst forced to listen to R n B “music” (it’s not a legit genre IMHO and I don’t care if you disagree). But be in the private sector and you can do whatever the ferque you like.

This weekend, there’s not much going on I’m pleased to report. Potential for board games on Saturday but for the most part it’s clear. Probably the last clear weekend until…late March? Now I know how Joey feels. Though I still need to put the damn pictures up in the house even though it’s been a year. As I bought the Polyfilla the other week to effect repairs in the bathroom to where the loo-roll holder fell off the wall, it’s now achievable. Bare walls aren’t so bad but then again, white space is a concept I get on with. Here’s to the continuing dry and not too-cold weather.