Once again, I’m going to start in the middle of a conversation, as is my want because scene setting can be a real drag in prosaic terms. Am pleased to record that I think the threat of a stress-triggered illness has abated. The last three working days (Friday, Monday and Tuesday) have been somewhat hellish (older readers, think October 2013 and August 2014) in terms of blog entries) and there were screaming hints that I was facing shut-down. Nine hours sleep last night with a slight tincture and things are much better today, grouchiness aside.

I’ve yet to check out the DRM-free Star Wars games from http://www.gog.com – most of the hits released between 1995 and 2008…give or take are available to own (thanks Diz-nee) gratis. I think I’d like to download Supremacy/Rebellion again, just for laughs. And maybe Galactic Battlegrounds though I think I’ll have a stroke if I try and play as the wretched Gungans again. Finished a couple of campaigns on Empire At War: Forces of Corruption at the weekend. One as the Empire (bloody IG88 got my Death Star) and one as the Rebels. Every time I used the Ion Cannon in space combat, all I could hear was the Family Guy quote: “Prepare to fire the Giant Nipple Boob Gun”.

At the quiz, there was much cheering in our team that Marvel and Sony are teaming up with the next Spiderman film although there was pleading not to let Uncle Ben die yet again – kinda like that Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode where Groundskeeper Willie kept on being killed. Or Emperor Joker, for that matter. Personally, I don’t give a vrelt’s ass, never saw the appeal of Spiderman – and most people are aware of my general Marvel Comic rants. But it’ll keep the fanboys happy. For five minutes.

Group 3 Risk Legacy – Dr Do(o)m, Andy, Paul, Brendan and myself met up for a game on Monday with Paul ultimately winning from his well-protected base in Australia. But all three remaining minor cities were placed on the board so we got to open a new pack of cards. The group seem to be enjoying it – the Doc was wiped off the map after much encouragement from myself (I wanted to put the comeback sticker on his chosen faction). I had a whole bottle of Riesling to myself. After the day I had on Monday, it was sorely needed.

Quiz last night – came third overall. Going to dispute one of the answers today, more for the “season thing” rather than affecting the overall result of the quiz. Too many science-type questions for my taste.