(Intended for Thursday, not five days later)

Today’s good bit of news – other than some minor work stuff – is that Origins are making Theme Hospital this week’s free download. If you haven’t played it or don’t have it in your collection, stop what you’re doing, go to the Origins website, Theme Hospital Page and get the game at any cost! One of the best games of the 90s folks and you’ll be completely daft to miss out.

For the first time since…August? July? we sat down to a game of Risk Legacy (The IT Crowd group) on our crapsack world. It was a fun night, the only gloom being Dominos Pizza taking over an hour to deliver. I’d say we did a Comic-Book Guy thing and registered our disgust on the internet but we did the stoic British thing instead and shovelled down the food. Might be able to play twice next week with two different groups which should be good. I still have a load of Raclette cheese leftover from Saturday which I’m going to need to eat/fob off on our infrequent visitors. Actually, I found it worked very well instead of cream cheese in a quesadilla which is another option.

We were talking about the new Windows 10 and the holographic interface (for want of another/better/proper term). Alex was convinced that there aren’t (m)any real practical uses for it. I thought of some but they were by far more the exception than the rule in terms how it might be utilised. Thinking outside the box, I considered what’d happen if it wasn’t a human controlling it but perhaps an animal or a multi-appendaged robot/machine which would potentially have far more possible uses. The Wiimote started off as a game controller and ended up (in part) being a tool to help surgeons get more experience in operations so I’m not ready to pour scorn yet.

Am feeling completely restless today, as if I need something…big to be happing and then be a part of it. Concentration is down, fidgeting is up, clock-watching is increasing and mobile phone use is distracting. If this were the weekend…I dunno, it’d probably be wasted somehow. Maybe a more rigorous walk at lunchtime is in order. Nervous anticipation maybe…is something just around the corner (i.e. today/tomorrow?)