Twelve days into 2015 and I’m finally getting around to composing another entry in Imperial Centre. To be fair though, I’ve spent almost as much time out of the country as I have in the country so far this year. Unlike previous trips, I haven’t kept a travelogue. It’s the fault of Starbucks. The free Apple download after Xmas was the board game Talisman which I’ve been playing religiously and really getting a hang of.

So, after the 1st, things pretty much settled back down to normal and in record time. There was no post-December hangover for anyone and people were getting in contact to fill January’s calendar. I guess there were more than a few people who put “be a better friend” on their resolution list. Not that I’m complaining mind, it’s always nice to feel included. And wanted. All weekends are now full for January.

I continued to pillage Tescos of its post Xmas stuff buying cheese, confectionary and a couple of cheap drinks gift packs and the like. I even made my first ever quesadillas with some leftover tortilla wraps and some of the cheese bought and they turned out really, really well. Will totally be making those again. Sainsbury’s had some nice cake bargains and I had a whole luxury Yule Log to myself. Over six days, I hasten to add. Looking forward to getting back to non-glut eating. The one thing I didn’t see this year was those Hula Hoop star thingies which was a slight disappointment. Not yet tested out the Raclette Grill as yet, that’s tonight’s fun task.

Berlin then: stuck to the plan for the most part, beginning with the usual breakfast at Giraffe, wander through T5 and being first at the gate. Flight was late out but early on arrival and had an empty seat next to me which was pretty good. Newer plane too with a vague smell of fresh leather and seats that work. Old witch in front kept moving seat forward and backwards though. I’d have said something but didn’t fancy getting zapped by an air marshal. Got into town, checked in and went out for my first foray into the city which ended up being the usual walk from Alex to Brandenburg Tor. Caught the anti-Pegida rally outside the Reichstag which I watched for a while before hunger drove me to seek out some food.

Tuesday – went to Museum Island, specifically the New Museum as I wanted to see the famous bust of Nefertiti and whatever Egyptian treasures the museum had in store. Although BVG promises some vague discounts for Museum Island, there’s no indication on the entry booth of what they are…useless people. So wandered around for three hours, gawping at the exhibits but by the time I made it to the lower ground having seen my 300th cooking pot, felt compelled to leave. It was kinda late so I shelved my plan to visit the Communications Museum (only later finding out Tuesday is the late night opening day) and instead sourced a late lunch. That evening, I decided to change plans and went to Zsa Zsa (that was going to be Wednesday’s activity) before going out further. Drank far too many cocktails, spend two hours getting back to the hotel and felt absolutely lousy the next morning. Didn’t get up until 11.30 after four false starts and was somewhat queasy all the way to Merhingdamm.

Part 2 later.