67 lengths in the swimming pool yesterday – 1005 metres: new personal best. Once I made the 40th length, all of a sudden energy seemed limitless and I just carried on and on, only the aching muscles would have been the hinderance. 390 calories burned FYI – this is the 15 metre pool and not a standard 25 metre one.

Le Weekend – Friday was one of those days where once I got home, landed on the couch and didn’t move for most of the evening. Finished off Picross 5 on the 3DS though, back to Luigi’s Mansion 2. Rest of the weekend was similarly light on activity. Won a game of civ trying a brand new tactic as India with Space Race victory and trying a pure domination victory as Assyria (expanded way too far too fast; should have razed some cities rather than assimilate them).

I think that this year will be another Xmas-lite in terms of general adherence to the tradition. No cards, no gifts, couple of shindigs and that’s about it. Just cannot be bothered with it all anymore; would rather have a great birthday and you can stuff December 25th. At least there’s the food, the mulled cider and exotic coffee blends you find in the cafes. Even the shops are showing more restraint; take the supermarkets for example. Although the Xmas branded food has been available in small quantities since October, it wasn’t until yesterday that the decorations popped up and selection boxes festooned each aisle. It’s a holiday for kids, not us old farts.

Coming up the rest of the month: very little as it happens. Looks like there’s a final Brussels trip squeezed in before Xmas next Tuesday, the office lunch on the 18th and a couple of potential diary dates, a few lunches with friends happening. Even work looks to be winding down for the most part now that I managed to kill off the last mammoth task before the break. Maybe this will be a nice, easy coast to the 31st. Last month of 2014, cannot say that this year has dragged at all. Year of Travelling, definitely. Am I officially in my “late thirties” as of next year? Despite absolutely everything that’s going on, I suspect that this year is going to go a lot better than 2015; general election year. Regardless of who wins, I suspect bad news for me. All sorts of rumours are flying around – just remember the 190th Rule of Acquisition.

Three weeks until leave starts, five weeks until Berlin! Suppose I should make a vague plan of action which costs little but provides entertainment a-plenty. Or a-sufficient. And then…I need to pick a new European city to try and visit though I wouldn’t mind trying a different continent, perhaps that trip to Canadia [sic] or the US. Got time to think about it all.

So Olly Muirs wants to be taken seriously? Looking at the cover of today’s Daily Mirror…think that’s an exercise in futility.