I dislike staff/employee surveys. They focus way too much on the quantitative data rather than the qualitative which allows managers to gloss over the results without actual interrogation of the data. Oh there are subsequent follow-up groups but they never ask the difficult questions, preferring the quick win to the endurance marathon. As a result, same negative feedback endures year on year leading to an increasing and enduring sense of dissatisfaction. And it shows.

And second random rant – adverts that play cover versions of well-known songs, particularly when they screw with the melodies making them almost a Capella or skip to another genre altogether. Latest advert (no idea what the product is, all I know is that Cindy Lauper’s (original version of) True Colors has been mangled. Whichever agency is responsible for this garbage ought to be eviscerated for their lousy idea.

Yep, it’s a Tuesday all right.

Finally finished Wolfenstein: New Order at the weekend but immediately started the game again to see the campaign through with Private Wyatt rather than Fergus. I don’t know if it’s bitter experience but the game seems so much easier this time around – I’m wondering if the game is slightly imbalanced depending on who you choose. Towards the end it got frustrating when it was Supersoldier after Supersoldier but the end of game boss was appallingly easy (and I was playing on the standard level). I like the obvious sequel hook though, here’s hoping there’ll be another release in a couple of years’ time.

Otherwise the weekend was a tame affair. Found out why it’s bad to take a hot bath on a cold day – right foot still hurts from where the skin cracked. Finally won a game of Civ V as Indonesia which means that (again) I have won at least one game as all Civ’s. I had to rig the map to be Large Islands just to ensure I could take full advantage of the bonuses but yeah, not a bad little Civ. Culture victory – thanks to a lousy start on a literal desert island, I got the desert faith pantheon bonus, landed myself Stonehenge and was lucky enough to found a religion and enhance it before anyone else so got Mosques and Pagodas + Piety in full which meant I was churning out 250 Faith per turn. My problem at the end of the game (as only Liberty and Exploration were completed) was what to spend all that Faith on. Had over 10,000 points stockpiled by the end of the game (Reformation bonus was +2 tourism to all religious buildings).

Five weeks until Berlin again. Not that I’m counting down the days, honest. Bank balance hasn’t made for pleasant reading but then again, it never does after the rent has been taken out of the account but before Dom pays me back. Couple more days, then it’ll look better. Still, even with a couple of lump sum payments in the offing over the next couple of months, it is concerning. Then again, looking after the pennies isn’t really being done these days. Quite easy to buy lunch at work, have a coffee shop coffee and realise that you don’t get much change from a tenner. As always, I blame the baby boomers.

I saw in the latest edition of Retro Gamer, they’re flogging/advertising the C64 Bible with an A-Z of the old characters on the front. Very tempted, even though it’s a _book_ rather than something electronic. Still want to see the Star Wars novels published by Bantam available electronically – IN ENGLISH. On iBooks.

I like okra. But I never buy it for myself, only ever seem to have it in restaurants. Nuff said.