I have to love the way people ask you whether it’s in the art of the possible to do something when actually the response is a foregone conclusion. “Would you be able to append this paragraph to the text?” is really “Put this paragraph in the text”. I hate ambiguity.

Tuesday night was the finale of the Griffin Quiz and the evil Yoshi’s Island pulled a victory out of the hat by storming the first half, wobbling in the second but more wobbled than us securing the case of Sol and the case of Mont Cider (Passionfruit and Apple). Alas, the quiz was a bit too close to call so the winners were not announced, nor were prizes handed out. We’re not too certain where we are in the standings but I think a top three place is guaranteed, top two likely, top one – who can say?

Our estate is about to be targeted by a sales pitch from a firm who can promise broadband at 1GBps – to put in context, it could theoretically download a DVD in four seconds whereas at the moment, it takes about an hour at home (non fiber optic) to download. I personally am not convinced by these promises. Whilst the download speed is theoretically achievable, are people you’re downloading from capable of sending data packets at that speed? And the pace of downloading really isn’t people’s problems, it’s the overall reliability of the service, especially during the evening peak. Pitch is this evening – not sure if I can go. I hope there isn’t a simple majority rules thing about this forcing us all to swap over to the new service. Not least as I’m under contract and have no wish to pay and breakage fees.

Been having a Simpson’s binge the last couple of days – Seasons 3 and 4, the halcyon days of the Simpsons. Stuff that genuinely makes you laugh out loud though I have to confess that at least part of the chuckles are nostalgic. When it was no longer about Homer’s stupid antics, when Lisa was less of a know-it-all, when characters weren’t caricatures and when Springfield could enjoy Troy McClure, Lionel Hutz, Edna Krabappel, Maude Flanders and Lunchlady Doris (all sadly missed).

If I were Ed Milliband, I’d tell Myleen Klass to stick to making crappy music and leave politics to the grown-ups. People who live in mansions are generally not short of a quid or two. Can’t wait though – now that dumbelina has opened her trap, the vicious websters out there are going to be scrutinising her tax records for the slightest hint of avoidance. This’ll be fun – I’ve already heard of the Justgiving page set up in her honour.

England 3 – Scotland 1. Nice to end Salmond’s leadership on such a sour note. Ha ha ha!