It’s quite funny – if the decision to grant workers consideration that overtime should be considered in calculating rates of holiday pay were made by the European Court, politicians would be almost certainly in uproar. But as the ruling has been made by the Employment Tribunal, I have heard nary a whisper from down the road. Probably because the hypocrites are already calculating how to boost their own wages from this case.

I went to Zeitgeist last week, had been thinking about it all week, particularly the possibility of having dinner. It took a mere two beers (Jever and Krombacher Dunkel) to push me over the edge and when I saw people at the next table with their giant Schnitzel platters, I knew I just couldn’t manage a jumbo meal and skulked off home to open a can of parsnip soup. Pathetic, I know. I did toy with the idea of going out afterwards, as in _out_ out. But one soup and one bath and I was ready to pass out from fatigue. So I started a new Civ Game (random Civ, ended up as Greece) and caught up on Daily Challenges for Solitaire and Sudoku.

Office was all but deserted last Friday. I’m caught up with the few odds and sods that were on my plate so hunting for training courses and sorting out somebody else’s travel claims. Calm before the storm of course, I’m expecting a huge chunk of work on Monday but in what format is anybody’s guess. That’s the way of life lately, done completely on the fly. Breakfasts in the canteen are nice (another day of getting out of bed struggling = no time for food at home) if a little congealed.

Random question – is there a good strategy guide anywhere for Bubble Bobble on the Master System? We’ve forgotten how to get the three mirrors (even using the 3V35NLLE password) to unlock level 200. I think that level 148 is the key but can’t be sure.

Summing up last week then – too many late nights, too much alcohol, plenty of abuse hurled at id Software. By Thursday, I crashed onto the couch to watch the rest of the Clone Wars on blu-ray and could not get up for three hours. Actually, that’s a lie. I didn’t have too much alcohol, that was the week before. Nothing on Monday, 1 Aspalls on Tuesday, 2 ciders + 1½ bottles of wine +… ok, this isn’t going to end well. Point stands though that by Thursday, I was wiped out and couldn’t have moved even if the flat was burning down around my inert form. So Friday was planned as a day of rest which was carried through to Saturday and ventured forward to the old stomping ground of E15 on Sunday just ‘cos.

Nintendo have stopped corralling all their new releases in an update log on their DS shop (dumb idea but I’m sure a company haemorrhaging millions of Yen have some notion of what they’re doing…) so I missed the new release of Picross 5 until I went for a complete nosey at the shop. Doesn’t seem to be anything new in this latest iteration of one of my favourite puzzle games which is no bad thing but it’d be nice if they were to release a few 3D puzzles (which reminds me to try and track down a copy of Picross 3D for the DS on eBay). The Micross puzzles are ok as is the Mega Picross – dunno what else they could bung into the game to keep people coming back for more.

I had to rein in my recent book buying last week – still buying back eBooks from my slimmed down library (next iPhone I get will have to be to 64gb model) but been really ploughing through them lately, books I’ve only read once, maybe twice before. And at £5.49 per “paperback” (I don’t know what to call an eBook that’s half the price of a new release but isn’t technically made of paper – thoughts?), they quickly add up in price. So finally forced myself to plough through those books Jad lent me. One point in the “decision making book” really stuck out in my mind: the experiment was that housebuyers were given a choice of a large house in the suburbs with a 45 minute commute and a smaller place in the city but with a 10 minute commute and invariably, those with the larger house were generally unhappier with their lives. I can’t help but wonder, since moving to first Camden, then Vauxhall, how things generally seem a lot better. Could it be that a simple reclamation of a hour in commuting = happy bunny?

Bought Robocop – the 2014 remake – a few weeks ago and finally got around to watching it. Have to say, whilst it was visually impressive and had some good notions of the future, the main plotline of the machine struggling to reconnect with family was completely tedious. There was no challenge, no proper villain and too much fat that ought to have been trimmed from the story. Every time I saw Joel Kinnaman in the suit, all I could see/hear was Brian Thompson (TNG, DS9, Buffy, X-Files et al). No media break though I couldn’t resist ignoring half the film just to watch the tickers whenever the news reports were on; love those crazy images.

Should be a quiet week, all things said. Quiz finale on Tuesday, finale of Risk Legacy Wednesday and coffee with R & D on Thursday. Also looking to finish off Wolfenstein: The New Order (currently in London Nautica redux) before tackling a couple of other backlogged games.