Day four of being back – some of the weirdness has stopped and people are actually speaking to me rather than around me (as if I were a child or were “special) though a deep rooted loathing for some of my colleagues has set in. There are some…anodyne types around here and that particular quirk is something of a tinderbox. I think I’d rather the company of “Mary” to them, which is leading to some furious consideration over attending the Xmas lunch (which is down the road from Casa Beaufoy).

Griffin Quiz: we won on Tuesday, narrowly pipping Team Science who were the leaders at half way. A lucky, random guess (well, perhaps not random given an earlier question in the quiz) in the mean fifteen meant that we sucked up the bonus points which took us to victory. Alas, it means that there are now even more bottles of liquor at home which won’t get drunk. The overall leaderboard – not certain where we are but would be nice to win it this time.

Stereotypical Brit time – the weather. Five days ago, it was Hallowe’en and you could easily leave the house in jeans and a t-shirt and spend the day lazing in the park. Last night and this morning, not only did I feel compelled to finally shut the windows in the flat but also plug in one of the radiators in the bathroom. Bitter chills all round, not unlike last year where it felt like someone turned down the thermostat on the sun overnight. Leaves are stubbornly clinging to trees (especially the accursed sycamores) although that’ll probably change next week.

Looking ahead, other than two birthday dos on Saturday, November feels like it’s going to be a fairly sleepy month. Not entirely disappointed at this state of affairs, could use the financial rest before the insanity of December. I’ve spotted (in other people’s calendars) a number of leaving parties coming up for people I didn’t think would ever quit but change is clearly in the air. Either that or a distinct lack of optimism in the future, around here. My hopes are for a quiet and graceful exit for 2014 after everything that’s happened this year. Still haven’t quite thought of my personal theme but I prefer “Year of Travel” to “Year of Busyness”. It’s cheerier than last year’s “Year of the Move”.

I was browsing the Games with Gold sale yesterday, saw the price drop for the original Sonic the Hedgehog and felt I had to snap it up. The HD emulator-type-thing doesn’t make it look half bad as it happens though I can’t remember when I was so cautious playing that game. Too many RPGs, I guess where there are tonnes of secrets to explore if you keep your eyes open. Didn’t acquire any of the other Sonic games though. Managed to resist the other sale items.

Fewer men are noticeably doing Movember, or at least to my beady eye though the tasches I have seen are looking ropier than ever. Mind you, I have to wonder how many men are collecting cash for charity by being paid not to grow lip fur. Poppies are out on jacket lapels – haven’t seen many/any of those wrist-band poppies this year. Perhaps that fad is finally over, probably with loom bands. What are shops going to do with several million coloured elastic bands at their disposal?

Last night, I went out to one of the sin-pits (Invicita Plaza) – ran in to a friend down there but there wasn’t much happening overall. I guess there must have been a number of bonfire parties not to mention the V for Vendetta tribute in Trafalgar Square (that was the most tangential euphemism I could go for) which could have explained the lack of numbers, particularly compared with how things were last week. Managed to cut myself off after two cans of Magners which was a considerable restraint, not least as it was freezing cold inside as well as out. Took a cab home (rare treat) and was amazed at the fact that twenty minutes earlier, I was in a club and then was in bed finishing off a chapter of my book before succumbing to general unconsciousness.

Selfridges are selling marzipan Brussel Sprouts…whatevs!?!