A challenge, a struggle.

That was my recent Civ V game as Bismarck where for 4/5 of the game, I was in second place behind India who parlayed a much stronger starting position into massive advantages for Gandhi. First time in as many games of BNW I was not hammering everybody else in terms of Ideology but being quite severely affected by another Civ. But throwing all my resources into tourism and culture as well as absorbing the burgeoning Carthaginian state enabled catch-up and overtaking. All in all, one of the best games of Civ I’ve played recently.

Also on the play list has been Dead Block (a zombie-themed tower defence game) and Shoot Many Robots (a freebie Games with Gold from a while back I’ve only recently made time for). Finished Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare a couple of weeks ago which was alright. I liked the game and would play it again (there’s something about Wild West themed games that’s quite enjoyable, particularly the hunting animals for extra cash) although I would have something about being able to upgrade the stats of the main character.

I bought GTA San Andreas – wasn’t overly impressed, especially by the hyper-responsive camera, even after cranking it down to minimal. Might go back to IV, or perhaps Liberty City Stories before that, dunno. Few other games in the Xbox queue to plough through.

Back at work after my five weeks off. Started writing about Amsterdam on my iPad but never finished it; whether or not I publish that is TBC. Didn’t do anything with/about Berlin, was too busy just enjoying the city and being there to want to commit anything to paper/the screen. Sufficed to say, I didn’t want to come home and the pull to remain was much stronger than it was before.

After re-watching Archer season 2, I decided to buy season 3 on blu-ray and went on a bit of an episode binge, just as I have been doing with the Clone Wars (and I’m furious to find they’re releasing season 6 having bought “the complete collection”. Can I sue for the lie?) and Cybill. Holidays are great for these sorts of activities but it’s hard to watch lots of episodes back to back. Xian dropped by in the middle of my watching season 3 and he was completely mesmerised by it. As an architect, he enjoyed the designs of the Coruscanti ecumenopolis.

Intrigued by the recent release of King of New York (sequel/spin-off to King of Tokyo). Not sure if I’ll be buying it just yet. There’s a strong need/urge to have a board game Saturday at the Griffin at some point soon. I’m in two minds about the Bang! Tournament though I guess I’m still pro rather than anti. It’s all the logistics and getting them to work smoothly. Thought time needed.

Haven’t got much else to write I’m afraid, stuff has been going on but just don’t have the wherewithal (or the adequate legal representation) to commit to the blog. Now I’m back…who can say?