Brightly coloured wrist watches, what’s that all about? Are you five? Did you get that out of a Kinderegg or a Christmas Cracker? Do you think it’ll imbue a lively sense of personality and a quirky disposition? Or will it make you look like a stupid tosser with no sense of style? My money is on the latter. And men, you’re not suited to wear white watches, SO DON’T.

Emerging from the darkness of Cross Border Enforcement here – multiple deadlines of the extremely tight variety have all been put to rest, handling awkward queries done, lusting after alcohol abated and the way is clear to my five weeks out of the office. Been snuffling and sneezing since Sunday but that’s mostly abated and I’m happy with that. Means when I start my leave on Friday, I won’t waste the first few days being ill so long as I keep this week quiet(ish).

Yeah, been a while since my last blog entry but everything has been working hard and playing harder. Just haven’t cleared time in the diary for a little peace and quiet with the ability to marshal one’s thoughts into prosaic form, as grammatically bad as they are. Mind you, it’d only have been one moan after another in all honesty.

The Gaming: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City again on Xbox, Civ V on Steam and a return to Paper Mario Sticker Star on 3DS. Board Games: Talisman and that’s been it really. But now that summer is waning and the darker nights are upon us, we can see a return to more nefarious pursuits like Risk Legacy and Eldritch Horror. I’ve been trying to get Arkham Origins working on my Xbox having completed Arkham Blackgate and also having purchased the Season Pass. But the damn game keeps coming up with download content error. I emailed WBID for help – useless. Like trying to catch diarrhoea in a fishing net.

So, Scotland voted to remain within the UK and Baron Greenback and woman with cheap wig complain that the Better Together campaign was a negative one. Considering the question and how the answer was loaded, could they run anything but a negative campaign? Stupid fools. If there is another referendum, the next question should be the inverse in the interests of fairness, something like “Should Scotland Remain in the UK?” Or can we just swap Ireland for Scotland – Scotland out, Ireland in? That’d be cool.

We’ve been doing quite well in the Griffin Quiz, won four of the last five quizzes though we tied with Science in one and lost the tie-breaker. Naturally we aren’t too disheartened at this lost. The amount of liquor we have at home is at ridiculous portions and I can’t wait for Alex to head on over to drink it all! I also approve whole heartedly of the tweaks to the food menu; had the Halloumi kebab last night with the brown rice salad. This is now cooked (the rice) and with grated carrot which really works well and was very not bad.

The old woman (not the ancient one) was in town at the weekend. We didn’t do much and it just came at a really bad time for me. After I realised I’d worked 45 hours on Friday, I walked out of work early – to hell with the consequences. Went up to St Pancras, had a glass of Riesling (£8.45…), met the train and wowed her with the joys of contactless payment on the tube. We didn’t do much at the weekend in all fairness. I was way tired, slept ten hours Friday, nine on Saturday and eight on Sunday.

As you might have twigged, this should have been posted some time ago…another Joeanian demonstration of general uselessness.