It’s sorta pathetic that the only time off you have to look forward to is a statutory Public Holiday. Now I know why people dropped dead at age 40 about a hundred years ago; sheer exhaustion. Though I suppose if all you have to look forward to in life is more work, it quickly becomes the norm. That said, this weekend was something of a mixed bag.

Was looking forward to some time with the PC, checking out its full range of abilities etc. I didn’t want a particularly heavy weekend, just some chance to catch up with sleep (and make the gnawing hunger in the pit of my stomach go away), to recuperate and recharge before a month of foreign travelling and to just plain be indulgent. Popped over to Selfridges on Friday evening for some of those indulgences – Forbidden Rice, Blue Corn Tortilla chips, Gooseberry Fool Marshmallows and some Speculoos chocolate. Spent far too much but I just don’t care.

Saturday, my run of recent good fortune continued when the light fitting in my bedroom completely disintegrated with no hope of repair. Was compelled to storm off to Homebase in Wandsworth to buy a new fitting but unknown to me, the cabling in the flat is on a loop which means if you take one light out of the equation, all other lights in the loop after that one are killed off. Only Dr Dom’s room had any light. Eventually I was rescued from twenty four hours of no lights and the spotlights were installed. And they look rather spiffy. Griffin John’s birthday that evening. Free bar – drank too much cider, passed out.

Sunday was the usual recovery mode from a heavy night out and I felt rough all day, or at least until 5/6pm. It wasn’t pretty. Had a quick knock about on the table tennis table upstairs from the gym. We both sucked at the game. Let’s just leave out Monday. Vile weather, utterly housebound, managed to sleep for nine hours though without a soporific.

Playing: the usual + Arkham Origins Blackgate.

Tried the board game Talisman at Jad and Roby’s last Wednesday. I was doing quite badly until two characters died and I got to loot both their corpses giving me an unassailable lead. We’d have finished but I was desperate to make the last tube home after the last time when I was forced to get those nasty nightbuses. I have added it to my Steam wishlist as it’s quite cheap and wasn’t that bad.