T’other weekend ended up costing a packet as the old laptop ended up conking out again and rather than immediately book it in for a service a second time, I just decided to buy a new one. This of course meant I have the fresh agony of setting up a new computer and transferring files across. Somehow, everything worked the first time, especially with iTunes. However, not quite so well with this computer, having lost a fair amount. And the bloody downloading of Steam Games AGAIN! I have no idea what EE must think of my download rates but it can’t be good.

That all said, Civ V runs so quickly and smoothly!

Been a crummy couple of days – nay – a crummy week. With all the lack of excitement over preparing an Explanatory Memorandum on some policy as well as trying to finish a letter which has been almost three months in the making (don’t ask), morale has been sub-basement level. With a couple of rows added to the mix, some old-fashioned standing up/last minute plan changes thrown in and early morning shrieking from across the road, yeah – been better. So the laptop packing in couldn’t have come at a worse time. When the chips are down, familiar clichés run through my head, sayings like “this builds character” and “all life is pain” – it generally works.

After the initial set up and installation (and no 700 Windows updates with v8.1 either!), the first game I downloaded was the Solitaire package from Xbox Games as I do enjoy the occasional foray into four-suit Spider Solitaire. What that led to was a four hour solitaire binge scoring achievements and medals – what is it about achievements that are catnip to me? I would have gotten Minesweeper also but that wouldn’t download from the store.

Summer looks to be on its way out. From the muggy days of June and July to the decidedly cooler and wetter days of August – am already thinking about sleeping with the windows shut. The insipid and incessant rain yesterday brought a chill to the air but allowed duvet cocooning. It’s sleeves down weather, definitely. Did I mention atop my current set of woes, I left my umbrella in Sainsbury’s on Sunday – or at least I think it was Sainsbury’s, could have been Curry’s or in the Plaza, dunno. Thank heaven there was a spare in the office, the sort with its own built in lightning rod.

Am currently toying with the idea of having all of October off of work – from the 29th September to 3rd November. That’s 25 days of leave (five weeks) which I will more than have as my current entitlement is 31 and my leave year expires on 19th September. Given schedules for the next month, can’t take it any sooner. There’ll be the last of the summer to enjoy, quiet contemplative days at home, debauchery, depravity and the like. Kinda feeling the squeeze lately with an extreme reluctance to get out of bed in the morning, a desire to maximise time at home and even the prospect of several nights out of the country failing to rally spirits. No wonder I’m not excited about my new laptop the way I would used to have been.

Hungry now.