Been a while since my last update – think a mix of work pressures, increased social activity and lack of commitment to the cause has prolonged the gap between blog entries. So, where to start:

Gamin’: Xbox has seen me playing Gun. Yes, the game that caused a great deal of swearing on the Gamecube comes to HD, at least in my house. Not a particularly massive challenge, it has to be said but has its moments. Compared with similar sandbox games, it’s kinda crude but its heart is in the right place and is a decent adventure of sorts. A sequel is rumoured to be in the works but I think that’s been doing the rounds for some time. It’s been an Age of Mythology & Civ V fest on the PC, re-working through campaigns on the former, dossing about on the latter.

Socialisin’: Usual board game forays for the most part, playing games old and new. Shadows Over Camelot is a new one introduced by the Streatham Two, I introduced the East London set to Age of Mythology, Zombie Dice and King of Tokyo remain popular. After my recent Brussels foray, I brought back eight types of cheese and we munched our way through most of them. Good cheese.

Travellin’: Yeah, an overnighter in Brussels in the middle of July and five possible trips coming up last week of August/all of September + Dublin again. There’s one trip which like the two in February, might only have a day between them so there’s mileage in taking a day off and staying an extra day. And I shouldn’t be moving house so that won’t be an issue this time (though never say never). No month off this year though, there’s just too much on.

Eatin’: Haven’t yet tried the new Street Food market in Vauxhall (@ Lightbox during the week) but I’ll try and get down there some time. Haven’t been to many restaurants either, to be honest. Quite liking the new Puy Lentil packs found in the supermarkets – nukable as well as the usual cooking methods and taste nice with all sorts of random veg.