Whilst Dr Doom was on the Rock with the Apes, I had the flat all to myself the other weekend. How did I mark this momentous event? I cleaned.

Eee, last week was quite a busy one with the first Brussels trip in months. Although it was in and out in a day, it was a chance to quickly replenish Brussels stocks at home – cheese and chocolate as per usual but no liquor, didn’t have the time. It was a mad dash to St Pancras in the morning as ignored my alarm and a mad dash to Gare du Midi because a meeting overran. Rained the entire day, the second the Eurostar crossed from France into Belgium it seemed to start and was bucketing it down all the way back. By contrast, London saw brilliant sunshine in the early evening when I got home to NO BOARD GAMES (he said bitterly). Will be back in Brussels on 23/24 July.

We won the quiz on last Tuesday, had an impressive performance and carted away the Asahi and the Bulmers. Whether we are in the lead or not overall is debatable but there are four weeks remaining in the current season. Concurrent to the quiz was the football. Most people stopped listening to the questions and was watching the demolition of Brazil by Germany. It was perversely amusing to me – after each Brazil victory, not least because of the Brazillian pub down the road, the whole of Vauxhall is bathed in noise, people blasting air horns, cars honking up and down streets – Tuesday at 10.30, absolute silence. Although I’m nowhere near Zeitgeist, I would imagine Tyers Street and Black Prince Road would have been somewhat…voiciferous.

Although there were no games on Wednesday, last night saw Claire, Paul and the Streatham two come over for Eldritch Horror which seemed to go down very well. I was the only player that died – the Politician was up to his eyes in debt and had made a dark pact…why does this not surprise? The rest of the week passed by in relative quiet, albeit interspersed with the odd person walking up and down the street in full leather or rubber gear for fetish week. In this heat.

100% completion and all achievements obtained on Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, that makes eight 100% games on the Xbox. What will be number nine?